Emory Report

November 29, 1999

 Volume 52, No. 13

Issues in Progress:

Faculty Council

First on the agenda of the Nov. 16 meeting was a discussion of proposed changes to the Gray Book. The faculty life course committee had reviewed the changes-concerning parental leave, maternity leave and stopping the tenure clock-submitted at the October meeting by the Council of Deans. Randall Strahan and Sharon Lewis said the proposals showed "real progress in all three areas," but they also came up short on some issues.

For example, the committee suggested a wording change in the family leave policy that would grant leave not only to primary caregivers of children younger than kindergarten age, but also to those caring for older children with serious conditions. The committee also suggested that the tenure clock policy be clarified to state that faculty who need to care for very young children, not just those with a catastrophic illness, be allowed to petition for a stoppage of the tenure clock.

Much discussion followed concerning these proposed revisions, ranging from what constitutes "pre-kindergarten," to the differences between a mother recovering from childbirth and other health conditions, to the definition of a "primary caregiver." Rebecca Chopp said she would take the council's concerns back to the deans and report any amendments they choose to make to the proposed policies at an upcoming Faculty Council meeting.

Bill Chace reported the Carlos Museum has received a $10 million gift from its namesake, Michael C. Carlos, for the expressed purpose of locating and acquiring Greek artifacts. Chace said his office will issue a report soon listing a number of "markers" for Emory during the last five years. One such marker is the $350 million in capital projects currently underway or on the drawing board.

Walt Reed reported to the council on the activities of the Advisory Council on Teaching, which grew out of the Teaching at Emory project of two years ago. Reed said the advisory council has sponsored a number of activities, including a consultant who came to campus in May to work with faculty in developing teaching portfolios.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of the ongoing "Faculty at Emory" project. Boli announced the members of the project's steering committee, which currently includes himself, Claire Sterk, Sharon Lewis, Michelle Lampl, Kate Nickerson, Ralph Brubaker, Nancy Eiesland and Arlene Drack. Boli then asked for council members to brainstorm on topics to be discussed at a series of faculty lunches next semester. Some suggestions included mentoring, balancing teaching and research, post-tenure review, service, faculty governance and retirement policies.

The next Faculty Council meeting will be Jan. 18 at 3:15 p.m. in 400 Administration Building.

-Michael Terrazas

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