Emory Report

October 25, 1999

 Volume 52, No. 9

Issues in Progress:

Employee Council

The first order of business at the September Employee Council was a presentation on the Year of Reconciliation by Chancellor Billy Frye. As part of Emory's recognition of the millenium, the event has been extended to include multiple events throughout the 2000-01 year. The theology school is planning a "Journey of Reconciliation," and the Schatten Gallery will host a "Religion and Science" display. Any group interested in hosting related events should contact the symposium committee or e-mail Frye.

During committee reports, the subcommittee on transfers reported that they are compiling a list of questions and concerns that will receive attention at the next executive committee meeting. The subcommittee on child care services will continue discussing subsidies, longer hours for childcare and coordination with summer camps.

The University Senate fringe benefits committee is continuing its work to implement long-term care insurance coverage with the goal of having it in place by January 2001. Requests for proposals have been sent out, and some response has been received. This expenditure would not be subsidized by the University and would be available only as an after-tax deduction.

In new business, it was reported that Lynn Magee will take over as secretary for Dorothy Goodson. Leeann Bauch will be the new council representative to the Senate and fringe benefits committee.

The October meeting of the Employee Council was held Oct. 20.

-Stephanie Scott

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