Emory Report

October 4, 1999

 Volume 52, No. 7

Open enrollment period for benefits begins Oct. 18

When Emory employees receive their personal Benefits Choices 2000 packets sometime before Tuesday, Oct. 12, they will notice new administrators for the University's health insurance plans, the first step toward a more responsive health care program.

CIGNA will administer EmoryCare, a program that offers in-network and out-of-network options. According to Alice Miller, vice president for Human Resources, Emory is working with CIGNA to ensure that the network providers in EmoryCare are included.

"Realizing we have more than 2,000 providers and that there is a complex credentialing process, not all may be included in the first directory," Miller said. "Every effort will be made to ensure that employees can continue with their providers. However, not all providers contacted are interested in continuing with EmoryCare."

Employees who have been wary of managed care plans may want to take a close look at EmoryChoice, the HMO designed exclusively for Emory employees. Aetna U.S. Healthcare (AUSHC) will administer this program, which offers a core network of more than 1,400 providers and AUSHC's national network of nearly 4,800 physicians.

"While EmoryChoice offers an extensive network for maximum choice, there is no out-of-network option," Miller said. "But there is a higher benefit level and no lifetime maximum. And, perhaps more importantly, the premiums are much less than EmoryCare."

Oral Health Services of Georgia (OHS) will administer Emory's traditional and pre-select dental programs. The traditional program offers employees the option of choosing from more than 200 general dentists for in-network benefits or going out of network at additional cost. With pre-select, the preferred dental organization, employees must choose a primary care dentist from a network of more than 100 with no out-of-network option.

Two new benefits will be available to all Emory employees:

Emory Vision Plan: The Emory Eye Center will offer a discounted vision plan with $5 monthly premiums. A routine vision screening will cost $29. Eyeglass packages are priced from $79 to $119; premium frames and lenses are offered at a 30 percent discount. Contact lenses will cost from $19 to $39 per box. Emory employees will also save on procedures such as laser refractive surgery.

Emory Cosmetic Surgery: Emory will offer certain elective procedures at a reduced rate. These services are not covered in either EmoryCare or EmoryChoice.

Employees who want to participate in Emory's health, dental, and/or vision insurance programs, or establish a flexible spending account, must complete enrollment forms during Open Enrollment, which runs from Monday, Oct.18, to Friday, Nov. 12. All insurance plan changes become effective Jan. 1, 2000.

For more information about insurance options, visit the annual benefits Open Enrollment web site at <www. emory.edu/HR/openenrollment.html>.

-Wynell Lauver

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