Emory Report

September 7 , 1999

 Volume 52, No. 3

Woodruff Library Resources

ScienceDirect offers web-based access to hundreds of journals

Throughout the fall semester, faculty, students and staff will have free access to ScienceDirect, a collection of hundreds of electronic journals covering the sciences, medicine, social sciences and humanitites.

Developed by Elsevier Science, one of the leading journal publishers in the world, ScienceDirect provides a web-based link to complete digital editions of major journals searchable by journal name, author, article title or keyword. Most digital editions of the journals included in this test go back as far as 1996 for full text and 1994 for abstracts.

You will be able to read or print the text of entire articles at your convenience, at no charge, using any web browser. If you are connected to the Emory network or use Emory Online from an off-campus location, you will be able to access ScienceDirect at <www.library.emory. edu/IG/demodb.html>.

Articles may be read and printed as plain text, or if you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in on your browser, you can view and print any article exactly as it would appear in the print edition of its journal.

This trial of ScienceDirect is brought to you by the Emory libraries and Elsevier Science through December 1999. If you have any questions or comments about ScienceDirect or would like to arrange for a demonstration of this major electronic information resource, please contact Betsey Patterson of Woodruff Library's Virtual Library Project at 404-727-0149 or send e-mail to <librbp@emory.edu>.

This column was compiled by the Digital Information Resources Council team at the General Libraries.

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