Emory Report

April 17, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 29

University Governance:

President's Commission on the Status of Women

Chair Catherine Howett Smith began April's meeting by congratulating several commission members, including chair-elect Deb Floyd who helped produce PCSW's Spring Event featuring U.S. Rep. Tillie Fowler (R-Fla.). Howett Smith also complimented the Emory Women's Center for organizing this year's Women's History Month celebration. The group then approved new members and officers for the upcoming school year. "There were at least 60 nominations [for new members]--it was staggering," Floyd said. "I think we received nominations from every dean, including Oxford." Sixteen new members and 15 alternate members were approved. Commission members then approved Marsha Hendricks for the position of secretary and Kathy Reed as chair-elect for the 2000-01 school year.

In other business, Howett Smith said the March 22 Human Resources representatives meeting regarding health care concerns was successful, and she felt the commission's concerns voiced to the HR department were part of the improvements seen in Emory's health benefit plans. She reminded members to continue updating HR on any further health care issues.

The next PCSW meeting will be Thursday, May 4, at 3:30 p.m. in the Administration Building.

-Stephanie Sonnenfeld

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