Emory Report

April 3, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 26

University Governance:

Faculty Council

To begin the March 21 meeting, Chair John Boli introduced President Bill Chace, who opened by thanking the council for finding volunteers to serve on the Lullwater Management Task Force. Chace said the task force's major charge will be to keep Lullwater just as it is.

Filling in for Provost Rebecca Chopp, Harriet King announced three finalists for the graduate school dean's search, including Emory's own Robert Paul, Candler Professor of Anthropology. The other two candidates are Charles Louis, professor of biochemistry at the University of Minnesota, and Clark Hulse, interim dean of the graduate school at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Charlotte Johnson briefed the council on the 2000-01 budget that has been passed by the Board of Trustees. Johnson said the plan was "a budget of choices," as growth will be more constrained than in Emory's recent past. Several council members expressed concern over the decision to suspend for one year the annual General Libraries budget increase. Members also asked whether in the future they could have input earlier in the budget process.

Claire Sterk presented the council with a nominee for the 2001 Distinguished Faculty Lecture, whom the members approved unanimously. Chace will send a formal letter of invitation to the nominee, who will be announced pending acceptance. Reynaldo Martorell, Woodruff Professor of International Health, delivered this year's lecture on March 30.

Frank Vandall announced three new members of the Faculty Hearing Committee: Connie Kertz from the business school, Jim Roarke from history and Polly Price from the law school. Rotating off the committee are Rich Freer, David Pacini and Randy Strahan. Vicki Hertzberg and Judith Kapp will remain active members.

Reporting on the Faculty at Emory project, Boli said the information from the faculty lunch series is still being compiled but said one general comment he could already discern was a great enthusiasm for the lunches. "It was a rare opportunity to speak about being a faculty member at Emory," he said.

King reported the council resolutions concerning family and maternity leave and the tenure clock are still being reviewed by the Council of Deans, but she did not expect the deans to make any substantive changes. She said she would try to get a report to council members beforehand for discussion at the April meeting.

Finally, in response to a request from the council for clarification, King said the Faculty Gray Book's language on the hearing committee does not explicitly say whether it has jurisdiction over nontenure-track faculty. After discussion with administrators, she said it was decided such faculty were not covered.

The final Faculty Council meeting of the academic year will be April 11.

- Michael Terrazas

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