Emory Report

August 7, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 39

Emory settles Sonnenfeld case

On July 17, Emory University's senior vice president and General Counsel Kent Alexander and Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld issued the following joint statement regarding the legal case involving Emory and Professor Sonnenfeld.

"After a full and thorough investigation of all relevant facts, Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Emory University have agreed to settle and resolve not only the pending litigation between them, but also the underlying misunderstandings that led to the litigation.

"For his part, Professor Sonnenfeld remains a great admirer of Emory, enjoyed many productive years there, and relishes his friendships with his former colleagues and students.

"For its part, Emory reaffirms that Professor Sonnenfeld made significant contributions to the Business School at Emory during his tenure, and wishes Professor Sonnenfeld continued success with his career.

"As a result of the parties' investigation and the resolution of the litigation, Emory withdraws all accusations that Professor Sonnenfeld committed vandalism or intentional property damage. Professor Sonnenfeld withdraws all accusations against Emory and the individual defendants related to the events at issue. Both Emory and Professor Sonnenfeld recognize that the others' actions could have been perceived differently by different people. Both Emory and Professor Sonnenfeld regret that this dispute has been blown out of proportion.

"With this statement, Emory University and Jeffrey Sonnenfeld have resolved all differences between them and will have no further statement on this matter."

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