Emory Report

February 28, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 23

University Governance:

Employee Council

The Employee Council opened its Feb. 16 meeting with officer elections for the next academic year.

The new officers are: Larry Frederick (president-elect), Cheryl Bowie (secretary-elect), Geraldine Thomas (treasurer), Helen Michael Harrison (secretary), Joyce Bergere (parliamentarian) and Catherine Phillips (historian). Bill McBride and Margie Varnado were named representatives to the University Senate.

As no new business was discussed, the meeting focused on several issues that remained open from the Council's January gathering.

After committee caucuses, the membership committee announced that reminder letters had been sent out to all the new members who had been chosen to sit on the Council next year.

The special issues committee continued to discuss its work to extend the benefits of free Internet access and e-mail to staff members after they retire.

Currently this benefit is reserved exclusively for retired faculty. Committee members said they had not yet heard from Human Resources regarding this issue and they will continue working it.

It was also stated that the Council's work continues to extend matching retirement benefits to University employees who are under 26 years of age.

The special issues committee is also working to update the Council on its work studying Emory's policies on internal transfers and promotions. This is a work in progress.

In other news, Frederick was nominated as the Council's representative to the Lullwater Management Task Force, created earlier this month by President Bill Chace to handle issues regarding the prized greenspace.

In closing comments, Ron Foust encouraged council members to join the Baker Woods Project, scheduled for Feb. 19. "The work we do will not benefit us," he said. "It will benefit people 50 years from now."

The next Employee Council meeting is March 15.

- Eric Rangus

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