Emory Report

January 31, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 19

Gordon Parks retrospective exhibit opens at Carlos

By Joy Bell

The Barkley Forum will hold its annual awards banquet Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. in Winship Ballroom. It is the forum's yearly opportunity to recognize exemplary activity in public speaking and debate.

The Barkley Forum is Emory's debate program and through its efforts, Atlanta's Urban Debate League (UDL), which was established in 1995, has become a national model for a movement that now serves almost 2,000 students in 12 cities.

As part of the festivities, which are in their 33rd year, President Bill Chace will be presented with the Georgia Speaker of the Year Award. This honor, which has been given annually since 1967, has been previously bestowed on notables such as Andrew Young, Jimmy Carter, Zell Miller and the late Lewis Grizzard.

The award is given to people whose public speaking exemplifies positive speech, said Shannon Redmond, Barkley Forum operations manager.

Chace has been very supportive of the Barkley Forum's efforts to bring tournament debating to inner city high school and middle school students.

The Barkley Forum will also recognize "Friends of Forensics," individuals whose work has served to promote interscholastic debate. The identity of these honorees will be announced at the banquet.

As part of its outreach efforts, the Barkley Forum's goals include helping combat youth violence by teaching kids the verbal skills needed to resolve conflicts, providing training in research and study habits, serving as a national model for other inner city debate programs, and reaching out to students who may not have the financial means to participate in debate.

About 150­200 Emory faculty, students, parents and staff are expected for the event. UDLs from Atlanta and New York also will attend. They and other contestants from 30 different states will participate in the Barkley Forum for High Schools, which will take place Feb. 4­6. This annual debate competition is in its 45th year.

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