Emory Report

June 12, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 35

Focus: Human Resources

On April 19, Human Resources presented Service Awards to those employees whose terms of employment with Emory have reached 25 years or more. Recipients from the University, Emory Hospital (EUH) and Crawford Long (CLH) are:


55 years

Helen Jenkins Food Services


40 years

Ollie Jane Pate Nursing Administration, CLH

Judy Roberts Yerkes

James Thomas Infectious Diseases


35 years

Mary Bates Laundry & Linens, EUH

Sheilah Conner Oxford College

Marian Elder Nursing Services, CLH

Juanita Hartman Laundry & Linens, EUH

Helen Horton Placement

Sandra Carol Miller Cardiology

Patrick O'Brien Pharmaceutical Services, EUH


30 years

Rita Adams Information Technology Division

Lila Jeanett Bailey Materials Management, CLH

Betty Berry University Libraries

Susan Burrows Nursing Administration, EUH

Marlena Coggins Operational Services

Winnie Davis Nursing Services, CLH

Alvie Dupree Nursing Services, CLH

Patricia Ann Evans Patient Accounts, CLH

Larry Darnell Finch Animal Resources

Joan Fleeman Lab Administration, EUH

Willa Dean Ford Medical Care Foundation

Constance Gentry Telecommunications

Odella Gunby Cardiology-CCU, EUH

Robert Hankins Facilities Management

Clegg Honeycutt Cardiology

Margaret Huber Medicine

Mae Jackson University Libraries

Ruthie Kendrick Food Services

June Maxwell Mann* Theatre Studies

Cheryl Mayo Food & Nutrition Services, EUH

Barbara McCullough Clinical Resource Mgmt., EUH

Roland Milam Facilities Management Division

Catherine Minter Food Services

Claretha Stafford Food & Nutrition Services, CLH

Dorothy Williams Pharmaceutical Services, CLH

Catherine Wolthoff Neurology

Sarah Lee Wynn Surgery Admission Unit, CLH


25 years

Susan S. Ament Information Technology Division

Patricia Amica Environmental Svcs., EUH

Sherri Amos Food & Nutrition Svcs., CLH

Glen Reed Avant Educational Studies

Otelia Baker Environmental Svcs., CLH

Cynthia Barber Nursing Services, CLH

Katie Barber Environmental Svcs., EUH

Janice Battersby PACU, CLH

Elizabeth Beitel Lab Administration, EUH

Anne Bigelow Same-Day Surgery, EUH

James Bishop Facilities Management, EUH

Ruby Bolden Transplant/Surgery, EUH

Kathryn Bowker Vascular/Thoracic, EUH

Betty Braver Guest Services, EUH

Sybil Bridges Medical School Administration

Dell Cain Departmental Staffing, CLH

Vernon Camp Radiology

Jacqueline Castellaw Financial Aid

Curetta Chambers Cardiology-CCU, EUH

Delmarie Cooks General Surgery, EUH

Ulicer Cortes Facilities Management

Mary Daniel General Surgery-ICU, EUH

Jack Irwin Dollar Lab Transfusion Svcs., CLH

Linda Donoff Radiology, EUH

Glenda Drake Food Services

Beth East Post Anesthesia Care, EUH

Giulia Galvin Post Anesthesia Care, EUH

William Gilley Facilities Management, EUH

Lula Glass Environmental Svcs., EUH

Michelle Gray Cardiology-CCU, EUH

Barbara Hargett Risk Mgmt., EUH

William Haygood Anesthesia Services, EUH

Valerie Herring Nursing Services, CLH

Vernell Hicks Patient Accounts, CLH

Johnnie Hightower Radiology, CLH

Theresa M. Holladay Vascular/Thoracic, EUH

Willie Hunt Facilities Management, EUH

Leonard Ivey Facilities Management

Geraldine Jimpson Nursing Svcs., CLH

Judith Karl Medical School Admin.

Norma Leverette General Surgery-ICU, EUH

Jenny Melinda Lewis Yerkes

Susan Long Infection Control, EUH

Lloyd Mahone Pharmaceutical Services, EUH

Sharon Marshall Food & Nutrition Svcs., EUH

Mary McLean Yerkes

Dorothy Miles GI Endoscopy Lab, CLH

Thomas John Millen Univ. Registrar & Records

Mary Mills EENT Plastics, EUH

Marjorie Myers Nursing Services, CLH

Denise O'Brien-Bourg Physical Therapy, CRM, EUH

Janice Pack Pharmaceutical Svcs., EUH

Nathan Palmer Environmental Svcs., EUH

George Partin Lab Transfusion Svcs., CLH

Nancy Pate Medical Psychiatry, EUH

Kamlesh Pathak Nursing Services, CLH

Mariamma Philip Nursing Svcs., EUH

Meraida Polak Neurology

Michael Reed Pharmaceutical Svcs., EUH

Bessie Richardson* Food Services

Sylvia Robinson Hemapheresis, EUH

Cheryl Rogers Occupational Health, EUH

Gloria Russell Environmental Svcs., CLH

Julie Schalla Vascular/Thoracic, EUH

Johnnie Sheppard Orthopedics, EUH

Annie Slade Nursing Svcs., EUH

Janice Sprock Nursing Administration, EUH

Robert Stills Environmental Svcs., CLH

Diana Strickland Lab Core, EUH

Carolyn Stroud General Surgery, EUH

Rebecca Sullivan Respiratory Therapy, CLH

Billy Thomas Cardio/Thoracic, EUH

Walter Trigger Facilities Management

Dorothy Wade Environmental Svcs., EUH

Amanda June Williams Nursing Administration, CLH

Armar Williams Food Services

Ola Williams Worthy Nursing Services, CLH

Rena Zimmerman-Morris Operating Room, EUH

*denotes retiree

--Wynell Lauver is communications specialist for Human Resources.

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