Emory Report

June 26, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 36

Patrick Noonan: Behind the Music

Scott's Red Star is Patrick Noonan's fifth album, his first in collaboration with younger brother Peter. Previous works stretch back 25 years and include albums as a member of the trio Noonan, Levi & Houshmand, Laurasia (a rechristened Noonan, Levi & Houshmand) and one solo effort (Beat Noir).


East River (1975), Noonan, Levi & Houshmand

East River Consort (1978), Laurasia

Undiscovered Country (1988), Laurasia

Beat Noir (1996)

Scott's Red Star (2000), Peter and Patrick Noonan

Where to buy it:

Scott's Red Star is available online at Amazon.com, the Wild Orchard Records website and Corner Compact Disc at 1048 N. Highland Ave. in Virginia-Highlands.

Power to the people:

Wild Orchard Records is owned by Peter Noonan. By selling the CD online directly to consumers (and offering free MP3 downloads of songs), Pat Noonan gets to test several of his academic theories about technology's effect on the entertainment industry. "We get a chance to try out some of our ideas about how technology democratizes the media business. It doesn't mean that everybody makes money, but it means that everybody's got access."

- Compiled by Eric Rangus

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