Emory Report

March 20, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 25

College applications drop for '00-'01

By Jan Gleason

A 4 percent decline in the number of applications to Emory College for Fall 2000 is being attributed to high school counselors' frustration with the long-shot odds of their students being selected for an Emory Scholars award, according to admissions officials.

"The entire decline, from 9,850 applications last year to 9,434 this year, can be attributed to the decrease in Emory Scholar applications," said Jean Jordan, associate director of enrollment services. "This year we had 1,600 scholar applicants; last year there were 2,000 for 70 awards.

"High school counselors are frustrated. For years they've nominated their very best students and seen them go nowhere in the process because it's so competitive. We heard from a number of counselors this year that they just decided to nominate only one student rather than five students since only about one out of 30 students received awards in past years."

Jordan said the college plans to enroll 1,200 students next fall rather than 1,150 as in recent years.

Some statistics on the applicants:

  • 59 percent female; 41 percent male;
  • 60 percent Caucasian; 14 percent Asian, 12.1 percent African American; 3.8 percent Hispanic; 9.6 percent chose not to identify ethnicity;
  • 37.3 percent from Southern states; 23.6 percent Middle Atlantic; 10.6 percent Midwest; 9.8 percent West; 7.4 percent New England; 6.7 percent Southwest; 4.3 percent international.

Jordan said that 768 students applied for early decision admission, and 465 of those have paid a deposit to enroll next fall­­about the same number as last year.

The number of Oxford freshman applications is equivalent to last year: 1,017 for 300 spots. Statistics for Oxford applicants are not available because they've only been able to enter data on about half of the applications in the new PeopleSoft student records system, according to Jenny Taylor, director of admissions.

"It's just been a learning curve that has slowed down our data entry of applications," Taylor said.

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