Emory Report

March 27, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 26

Emory University Awards of Distinction


Residency program coordinator, Department of Emergency Medicine

Ashley has worked in the emergency medicine department for more than 10 years, earning steady promotions to become the most senior nonphysician on the department's staff. As program coordinator, she manages 48 residents in the department's training program and processes more than 700 applications a year for 16 entry-level positions. She initiated the department's annual Graduation Dinner and gives a gift (bought from her own funds) to each graduating resident.


Crew leader, staging deparment, Facilities Management

An Emory employee since 1991, Beasley directs a moving crew­­a job with many potential frustrations and irate customer­­and has consistently provided excellent service, said FMD Staging Supervisor Tommy Cutts. "Most customers tell me that he turns a dreaded, unpleasant activity into something that was actually fun," Cutts wrote in his nominating letter. In addition to his everyday outstanding service, Beasley designed a safe and manageable process for moving fume hoods and served on FM's uniform committee. Beasley also was elected "Employee of the Quarter" by his peers.


Senior secretary, Political Science

Combs, an Emory alumna in International Studies, began working in the political science office in early 1995. She has primary responsibility for managing the department's undergraduate program, which accounts for 2,700-2,800 enrolled students and 500 majors in the field each year. She also oversees the honors program, the Political Science Honor Society and the department's advising program. Combs also administers the department's LearnLink conference and web site. Through this, she interacts with several undergraduate students.


Senior Human Resources Associate, Yerkes Primate Center

D'Mellow has worked at Yerkes for 14 years, during which time she has served in a number of capacities related to human resources. As the senior HR associate, she serves more than 200 employees and staff, implementing policies of University classification, compensation and employee relations procedures. Yerkes Interim Director Thomas Gordon said D'Mellow has done all of these jobs well and provides a "perfect interface between the University's central administrative offices and departmental component." In his letter of recommendation Gordon wrote, "I have heard during [D'Mellow's] 14-plus years at the center nothing but high praise for her, both professionally and personally. "


Senior office assistant, Goizueta Business School

An employee of the business school since 1982, James Freeman consistently has earned the praise of those who work with him. His responsibilities include assisting with daily room setups and other facilities duties, as well as assisting staff personnel in the mailroom with photocopying. He opens the building at 6:30 a.m. every day and often stays after hours to assist with business school events, said Associate Director of Finance and Admin-istration Kim Turner, who lauded Freeman's steady, helpful demeanor. Additionally, Freeman already has won the business school's staff appreciation award.


Learning Technology Services, Information Technology Division

Goddard has been at ITD since May 1980, during which time she has gone from answering questions at the help desk to supporting student use of Emory's quickly evolving information technology. She has been helpful to those around her at every phase, said Paul Morris, vice provost for information technology. She readily volunteers to work 14 hours a day during the weekend freshmen arrive, and her regular duties include supporting public computers and training student employees. In addition to her work responsibilities, Goddard volunteers with the Georgia Special Olympics and Safe-House, a homeless shelter.


Director of media relations, Health Sciences

Goodwin first worked for Emory for a three-year stint beginning in 1982, when she oversaw media relations for the Univer-sity as a whole (excluding Health Sciences). She left when her husband was transferred but returned to the University in 1991 when her current position was created. Today more than 500 media visit the Health Sciences campus every year, and thousands more report stories based on materials Goodwin's office produces. She also has served for three years on the President's Comm-ission on the Status of Women.


Administrative assistant, Biology

Gore has worked at Emory for 24 years, starting in the English department and later serving as a secretary in the biology department, where she was named to the newly created position of administrative assistant in 1986.

She has performed many diverse tasks in her position, said chair John Luchesi, and was a key source of continuity between the successive hirings of two new chairs. "She was instrumental in holding the organizational aspects of the department together during this transition period and ensuring the proper administrative support for all of the functions," wrote Luchesi.


Director of enrollment, Office of Admission

Jordan has been employed by the admission office for 16 years. She now has primary responsibility for all operational aspects of the office­­which must whittle down an applicant pool of about 100,000 prospective students to a freshman class of 1,200 every year­­and also works closely with ITD and other student data offices.

In his nomination letter, Dean of Admission Daniel Walls wrote, "Jean is a seasoned admission professional, still finding time for several weeks of recruitment travel each fall despite the huge demands of her office responsibilities."


Materials handler, Chemistry stockroom

McCallum began his 16-year Emory career working in the hospital, moved to the admissions department in 1984 and began his current job in the chemistry department in 1986. His responsibilities include working extensively with professors, students and outside vendors. In addition to his normal duties, McCallum has carried on a holiday tradition of sponsoring a needy family and chairs the department's donation program. He also has served as the science representative to the College Staff Consortium and has served on many Staff Day committees over the years.


Administrative services, Information Technology Division

An Emory employee since 1976, Curt was an active participant of the team that installed the financial accounting systems in 1985 and has worked to maintain the systems' reliability since. He acted as technical lead and consultant on ITD's Year 2000 project, upgrading all of the mainframe systems and preparing them for Y2K.

Vice Provost for ITD Paul Morris commended Curt's continued dedication to his job while undergoing a kidney transplant in 1994. "During this very difficult time Curt continued to work with great determination to carry out his responsibility," Morris wrote. Stauffer is currently active in several volunteer transplant organizations, providing one-on-one support for transplant patients and helping out with website development.


Lullwater caretaker, Roads and Grounds Department, Facilities Management

A member of the Roads and Grounds Shop of Facilities Management for 20 years, Ward has spent the majority of his career at Emory as Lullwater caretaker, a job with a diverse set of responsibilities. The caretaker is responsible for the grounds of Lullwater Estate, including the President's home and garden.

"These duties can be quite varied, and Mike always performed them with great detail," wrote supervisor Jimmy Powell. "In my three years as Mike's direct supervisor I have never received a complaint regarding anything associated with the Lullwater Estate."

Ward also volunteers his time to Literacy Action Volunteers teaching men and women to read, and he spends many hours to help prepare the charity's annual book sale at Northlake Mall. "Mike Ward is a humble, dedicated Emory employee [who] shuns recognition or accolades for his efforts."

-Compiled by Peter Mills

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