Emory Report

March 27, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 26

Employee Council

At the opening of the Employee Council's March 15 meeting in the Carlos Museum, the council announced that Larry Frederick, named president-elect at the February meeting, had gotten a position off campus and would be unable to serve.

The council is now seeking a replacement for Frederick. A biographical sketch must accompany any nominations to fill the position. An election planned for the council's next meeting, April 19.

The council did fill three University Senate positions: Cathy Phillips took over the at-large seat, Ann Rouse accepted a position on the fringe benefits committee and Jerry Mathis volunteered for the traffic and parking committee.

As this was the last meeting of its fiscal year, the council took time to recognize members whose three-year terms were ending. Departing committee members and senate representatives received a gift and a certificate of appreciation.

Following the presentation, the council introduced new officers and committee chairs. Susan Cook from Campus Life will take over as president; Don Newsome and LaQuanda Jackson will lead the membership committee; and Meredith Honeycutt will chair the communication committee. The council is still seeking a chair and co-chair for the special issues committee. Cook then recognized outgoing president Ann Rouse.

In her address to the council, Cook said she was planning a weeklong celebration to mark the council's 30th anniversary. She also announced her plans for the new year, which include brown bag lunches to increase communication across the University; working closer with other Emory organizations such as the President's Commissions; and continuing to address the council's concerns.

Cook said the April meeting would be devoted to the orientation of council members. Planned speakers will include President Bill Chace; John Boli and Claire Sterk, president and president-elect of the University Senate; Bob Ethridge, associate vice president of Equal Opportunity Programs; and Alice Miller, vice president of Human Resources.

Regarding new business, Cook suggested the council not meet in July-it already does not meet in August. That month represents a time crunch for many members preparing for the new academic year. The motion passed, and the council will meet in June but will not reconvene until September.

For the last hour of the meeting, Miller spoke to the council about the University's new health care plan.

She focused primarily on Emory's relationship with CIGNA, the company administrating EmoryCare, saying that is where most customer problems have been experienced.

"Literally every day I am in contact with CIGNA, trying to get them to fix problems," Miller said.

Miller touched on all plans, including EmoryChoice, the mental health plan and dental. She assured the council that Emory is doing all it can to resolve the problems, and she detailed areas in which the University has made


-Eric Rangus

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