Emory Report

May 1, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 31

Emory opens Center for Aesthetic Surgery

By Sarah Goodwin

Emory Healthcare recently announced the formation of the Emory Center for Aesthetic Surgery, bringing together a multispecialty team of six board-certified surgeons from the departments of plastic surgery and ophthalmology.

The team will perform a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. They also will provide skin-care consulting to reduce the signs of aging, as well as a variety of daily skin-care products.

"Confidence is crucial when you are contemplating cosmetic surgery," said Gregory Mackay, assistant professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery. "Because our surgeons are involved with groundbreaking research in surgical techniques and technology, patients benefit directly from the newest advances, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring results that appear more natural than ever before."

Members of the center's physician team all practice with Emory Clinic and are faculty members in the School of Medicine. In addition to Mackay, they include John Bostwick, John Culbertson and Glyn Jones from plastic surgery, and Melissa Meldrum and Ted Wojno from oculoplastic and orbital surgery.

Procedures offered through the center include:

Breast Augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty): Enlarges and reshapes small breasts, underdeveloped breasts or breasts that have lost size with pregnancy, weight loss or aging. It can also balance breasts of different size or shape.

Breast Lift (mastopexy): Lifts breasts that have begun to sag and lose elasticity, shape and firmness.

Breast Reduction (reduction mammaplasty): Reduces overly heavy, disproportionate breasts, which can cause chronic backaches, postural problems, back and shoulder deformities, skin rashes under the breasts, and breast pain. Breast reduction may sometimes be combined with liposuction.

Brow/Forehead Lift: Removes the muscles and tissues that cause brow drooping and forehead furrows. Often performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

Chin Surgery: Reduces the size of the chin or makes a small, receding chin more prominent.

Crow's Feet Removal: Erases crow's feet, vertical fret lines between eyebrows and horizontal forehead lines without surgery.

Collagen/Fat Injections: Fills in acne and other facial scars, as well as deep wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks and lips.

Ear Surgery (otoplasty): Corrects ears too large in relation to other facial features or that protrude too far from the head.

Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty): Removes excess skin overhanging eyelids and lashes, which can create a tired, baggy or puffy appearance and may even reduce field of vision.

Facelift (rhytidectomy): Suctions away excess fat and tightens loose skin to remove wrinkles, adjust a sagging jaw-line, and erase excess fat and folds around the neck.

Laser Resurfacing: Erases sun damage, fine- to medium-depth wrinkles, liver spots, keratoses (precancers and age spots) and acne scars. Lasers can also be used to remove unsightly veins and tattoos.

Lip Augmentation: Makes thin lips appear fuller. Surgeons can use collagen injections, fat injections and dermis grafts and implants to enhance lips.

Liposuction (suctionassisted lipectomy): Removes fat accumulated in localized areas including the chin, neck, cheeks, upper arms, above the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, calves and ankles.

Neck Augmentation (lipectomy): Removes excess skin, creating a smooth, attractive neck.

Nose Surgery (rhinoplasty): Decreases or enlarges the size of the nose, reshapes the tip or bridge, narrows nostril span, or alters the angle between the nose and upper lip. One of the most common of all plastic surgeries, it can also correct a birth defect or injury or help lessen certain breathing difficulties.

Skin Treatments/Chemical Peels: Erases sun damage, fine wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scars. Eliminating dead skin also can decrease the risk of skin cancer.

Thigh/Buttock Lift: Removes excess thigh or buttock skin or fat, which can cause sagging over time.

Tummy Tuck (abdomin-oplasty): Tightens stomach muscles, removes excess skin and fat from the tummy area and eliminates or reduces stretch marks.

Vein Injection (sclerotherapy): Removes small superficial veins called telangiectasias.

To make an appointment with a center physician, please call either the Department of Plastic Surgery at 404-778-3454 or the Emory Eye Center at 404-778-3457. For more information, visit the center's website at www.emoryplasticsurgery.com.

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