Emory Report

May 15, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 33

International Affairs

Before embarking on a three-week study trip to Germany, a group of Emory professors completed an intensive, two-day orientation prepared by experts on Germany from across the University.

Experts included Professors Dirk Schumann and Heide Fehrenbach of history, Tom Lancaster of political science and Max Aue and Viola Westbrook of German studies. They covered a variety of topics ranging from German history and politics to literature and culture. Two officials with the German-American Chamber of Commerce discussed current economic issues.

"They were wonderful, informative presentations," said Marion Creekmore, vice provost for international affairs and director of the Halle Institute, which is sponsoring the faculty trip. "It was great to see professors come together from across many disciplines and work toward a common goal."

In addition to the orientation, the professors were given background material to study before they departed. In the fall, they will participate in a campus event to share what they learned.

Fourteen professors from across the University fly to Germany today and will return to Atlanta on June 2. The group will visit Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, Dredsen and Leipzig and meet with authorities in government, business, education, culture, law and the media.

From this visit, they will gain a better understanding of contemporary Germany and some of the important issues that concern the German people. They also will acquire insights into the country's history and traditions.

None of the professors are experts on Germany. The goal of the trip is to broaden their intellectual horizons, Creekmore said. The hope is that as they share their new knowledge and understanding of Germany and Europe, they will help broaden the perspectives of their students and colleagues and contribute to the larger goal of internationalizing the University.

The participants were selected in a process determined by their respective schools.

The professors going on the trip are: Margo Bagley, Ralph Brubaker and Robert Schapiro from the law school; Huiman Barnhart and Andrzej Kosinski from public health; David Leinweber from Oxford; John Lennon from music; Kathy Parker from nursing; James Roark from history; Bradd Shore from anthropology; William Size from environmental studies; and Allen Tullos, Kimberly Wallace-Sanders and Dana White from the Institute of Liberal Arts.

This trip is made possible through donations and support from The Armonk Institute in New York and The Halle Foundation in Atlanta.

--Beth Kurylo is communications consultant for the Office of International Affairs and the Halle Institute for Global Learning.

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