Emory Report

May 30, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 34

Number Crunch: graduation by the numbers

Total number of graduates for the 1999-2000 academic year: 3,210

Total number of degrees awarded: 3,254

Undergraduate degrees awarded: 1,708

Graduate degrees awarded: 1,096

Professional degrees awarded: 442

Joint degree recipients: 45

Percent of female grads: 56.6

Number of international graduates: 173

Countries represented: 61

U.S. states represented: 47

Age of the youngest graduate: 20

Age of the oldest graduate: 71

Age of the oldest bachelor's degree recipient: 49

Number of degree recipients over 50: 43

Average GPA of Emory College graduates: 3.28

Percentage of Emory College graduates with a GPA of 3.5 or higher: 37.2

Rolls of film shot by University Photography: 91

Number of chairs set up in the Quad: 12,000

Hours required to set up chairs in the Quad: 2 1/2

Number of chairs at the satellite diploma ceremonies: 7,150

Number of volunteers from FM who set up chairs: 30

Number of volunteers outside FM who set up chairs: 0

Days required to set up the main stage canopy: 3 1/2

Standing ovations at the Central Ceremony: 1

Number of chrysanthemums set out: 285

Pounds of trash generated by Commencement ceremonies: 4,000

Pounds of trash recycled: 700

--Eric Rangus

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