Emory Report

May 30, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 34

This academic year, 36 Emory employees completed their degrees using the University's Courtesy Scholarship Program. The 1999-2000 graduates include:

Yasmin Ali, MPH

Susan Baran, MSN

Ellen Benson, MSN

Laura Brannon, MSN

Zoanne Clack, MPH

Stephen Clevenger, BMS

Beth Cook, MDV

Virginia Cuberson, MSN

Vara DeLoney, MPH

Rebecca Dunn, MSN

Dongjie Fan, MPH

Richard Gitomer, MBA

Kara Gold, MSN

Barbara Hargett, MBA

Theron Hawkins, MSN

Nicole Haynes, MSN

Robbin Moore, MBA

Dominique Musselman, MS

Pamela Nwagbara-Denzmore, MPH

Ann-Margaret Riner, MSN

Cicely Ross, MMS

Cynthia Rust, MPH

Susan Schlueter, MPH

Muhammad Siddiqui, MPH

Wrenn Slocum, MPH

Bobbi Smith, BMS

Brenda Stanley, MDV

Altaf Tadkod, MPH

Scott Thomaston, MPH

Paul Thomley, MSN

Stefan Tigges, MS

Melissa Wade, MT

Kristen Wells, MPH

Virginia Wilson, MSN

Kathy Wollenzien, BA

Tim Wyse, MSN

Editor's note: Employees who completed their degrees through the Courtesy Scholarship Program this year, but whose names do not appear on this list, may contact Emory Report staff for inclusion in a later issue.

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