Emory Report

May 8, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 32

President's Commission on the Status of Minorities

The Status of Minorities began its April 24 meeting by continuing the March discusstion of Emory's interest in displaying an exhibition of lynching photographs. Last month President Bill Chace approached PCSM members and explained the University's opportunity to display the exhibit, currently on display in New York City.

Chair Bob Lee revisited the topic to allow all members to voice their opinions on the matter, including those who did not attend the March meeting. Lee reminded the group that Chace said he would like to send a group of PCSM members to New York to see the exhibit. Members volunteered and Lee said he would discuss the matter with Chace.

In other business, Lee reported that the University Senate approved a resolution urging the Georgia Legislature to remove the Confederate emblem from the Georgia flag.

Oxford Dean Dana Green spoke to the group about diversity at her campus. While Oxford's student population is growing in diversity every day, diversity is still rather limited among faculty, Green said. Part of the reason is limited turnover,but new hires are helping to change that, she said. A new chaplain at Oxford is African American, and several minorities are interviewing for open positions.

"Part of Oxford's Master Plan is to not only attract students of color but to celebrate diversity," Green said.

Green appealed to PCSM to think of ways to further and celebrate Oxford's diversify. Members offered suggestions such as having Emory faculty visit the Oxford campus for lectures and campus meetings. Members also agreed student recruitment might diversify by letting Emory/Oxford employees know that their children can attend both schools for free if they meet entrance requirements.

The group also discussed standards for awarding travel grants to faculty and students. A Jennifer Obidah an Educational Studies faculty member, and Kim Archung, an Educational Studies graduate student,appealed to PCSM for money to attend a conference in Africa, which members approved contingent on how much money the PCSM would have to spend to send members to New York to see the lynching exhibit.

The April meeting was the PCSM's last of the academic year.

-Stephanie Sonnenfeld

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