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November 27, 2000

PCSW plans for survey, anniversary events

By Stephanie Sonnenfeld

Riding on the success of its "Invisible Barriers" study, the PCSW is in the planning stages of similar study for faculty.

Just how the study will be conducted was a main topic of discussion at the group's Nov. 2 meeting. Faculty concerns cochair Vicki Powers said the group must first plan how it will find the necessary background. The study will need to compare the number of women faculty in each department (past and current) of the University, as well as who is tenured, how long they stayed in each department and if they've held administrative positions.

Powers said a request has been sent to Alice Miller, vice president for Human Resources. Another PCSW member suggested the committee contact each department for information.

Karen Fain of the staff concerns committee said the group is publicizing the "Invisible Barriers" study to peer institutions. Letters have been sent to various colleges and universities announcing the study's appearance on Emory's website.

Fain said her committee is gathering information about alternative work schedules at Emory. The group is in the process of formulating a list of questions to ask study participants, and the questions will be shared at a future PCSW meeting.

Liz Stiles of the student concerns committee said the group is still studying Emory's date rape education resources and sexual assault education options, and is working to enhance February's Body Image Awareness events. Stiles also said she will meet with housing officials this month to discussthe possibility of same-sex, non-freshman dorms.

Law student Jill Uiberall told PCSW about a mobile phone drive she has organized, where used phones go to a battered women's help group. The group refurbishes the phones and gives them to abused women, who can use them to call 911 for free.

Uiberall said the group will take any phone or phone part—"anything that has to do with cell phones." The drive will take place in early December, and drop-off points will be located in buildings across campus. Uiberall passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteers to collect the phones was passed around at the meeting.

Ali Crown volunteered the Women's Center as a central repository for phone donations. A Universitywide e-mail reminder about the drive will be sent later this month, Uiberall said.

PCSW chair Deb Floyd said commission officers have presented the idea of combining the annual fall and spring events for the group's 25th anniversary celebration, similar to Employee Council's recent weeklong anniversary celebration. "[Employee Council's celebration] incorporated the whole University," Floyd said. "Hopefully we can model ours after that."

Allison Dykes of the Association of Emory Alumni said she and Allison Adams will speak to the Board of Governors about diversifying the Board of Trustees later this school year.

Women's Center representative Mary Vance urged PCSW members to nominate faculty, student, staff and alumni for the center's annual Unsung Heroines Awards. The awards will be presented at a dinner in February and nominations are due Nov. 15. Vance also promoted the center's Nov. 15

"Healthy Women 2000" event, which examines birth control options. The event is free and begins at noon at the Women's Center.

The commission will meet again Dec. 7 at 3:30 p.m. in 400 Administration.

If you have a question or concern for PCSW, contact chair Deb Floyd at


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