Emory Report

September 25, 2000

 Volume 53, No.5

PCSW kicks off its 25th anniversary

By Stephanie Sonnenfeld

When the President's Commission on the Status on Women (PCSW) held its Sept. 7, meeting, it celebrated a new school year as well as its 25th anniversary as a group.

Deb Floyd, associate director of student affairs for the law school, began her first meeting as chair with a brief explanation of the group's history and its purpose.

Due to the addition of new members, a majority of the PCSW meeting was spent soliciting members for specific committee openings within the organization. New appointments include:

Student-at-large member: Vanessa Lopes

Staff-at-large member: Allison Adams

President's Commission on the Status of

Minorities (PCSM) representatives: Brandie Knazze

and Vanessa Lopes (student)

President's Commission on the Status of



Katie Smith (student)

Employee Council: Susan Lee (staff)

University Senate: Dabney Evans (staff) and

Liz Marsh (student)

Child care committee:

Catherine Howett Smith (staff)

Women's Center Advisory Board:

Marsha Hendricks (staff)

The group also welcomed President Bill Chace as a special guest. Chace, who meets with the group twice a year, answered questions from members concerning everything from the progress of the new child care center to bolstering women's presence on the Board of Trustees. Chace congratulated the commission on its anniversary and said PCSW will continue to be an integral player in changing and increasing the role of women at Emory.

Higher education is becoming more of a woman's world-evident not only in student populations, but within staff and faculty as well, Chace said. "The future of women in higher education is a very promising one," he said.

In other business, alternate member Amy Wheeler was appointed to finish the term of former member Beth Felkel. PCSM members also are in the process of forming committees for the group's annual fall event (which has not been finalized) and its 25th anniversary celebration.

The next PCSW meeting will be Oct. 5 at 3:30 p.m. in 400 Administration Building.




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