Emory Report

September 5, 2000

 Volume 53, No. 2

Rosenweig kicks off Great Teachers series

By Camille Sparkman

Globalism, with all its strengths, shortcomings and ubiquity, will be the subject of 2000­01's first Great Teachers Lecture, to be delivered Sept. 12 at 7:30 p.m. in 206 White Hall by Jeffrey Rosen-sweig, associate dean for corporate relations in the business school.

Global capitalism is the solution necessary to triumph over poverty, according to Rosensweig. When capitalism enters Third World countries, there is advancement in the creation of wealth, women's opportunities and overall standard of living. He cited Chile and Thailand as examples of countries whose standard of living has risen dramatically over the last several decades; Rosensweig said each country's economy has expanded at a rate more than double that of the United States during that time.

But not all countries have been so lucky. "In our country, people spend on dinner what would be the annual income in other countries," Rosensweig said. "Sadly, there are still well over a billion people on this planet living on less than $1 a day.

"Globalism is not just a buzzword-the 'new economy' is an inherently global beast," he continued. "I'll show some trends looking back sometimes 20 or 40 years, but I'll spend most of the time talking about what the prospects are for the future."

Rosensweig said global capitalism is revamping business education everywhere, especially at Emory. He said the majority of the Goizueta Business School's faculty has extensive global experience, and many were born abroad. "More than a third of our graduate students come from distant lands, and they bring their perspectives to our classrooms-very much for the benefit of the two-thirds of our students who are U.S.-born," he said. "They can learn from each other."

In addition to discussing the realities of global capitalism, Rosensweig will address its future and identify some potential hot spots for investment growth. He will pinpoint skills needed to succeed in a global economy and discuss what students should be learning in order to prosper.

An international business and finance professor, Rosensweig is a frequent speaker on topics related to global strategy and economic trends. He was selected seven consecutive years as Keynote International Speaker by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Rosensweig recently published Winning the Global Game: A Strategy for Linking People and Profits. He has appeared nationally on CNN, "ABC World News Tonight," "Good Morning America," "The Today Show" and "NBC Nightly News." Additional information about Rosensweig can be found at his website:www.globalguru.com.

For more information about the Great Teachers Lecture series, call 404-727-6000.

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