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April 23, 2001

Faculty Council ends year with reports

By Michael Terrazas


Leading off the academic year’s final Faculty Council meeting, held April 10 in 400 Administration, was a discussion with President Bill Chace.

Chace, who had just returned from Peru to help the Carter Center monitor that country’s elections, said the experience was fascinating. He said he would like to “further the relationship” with the Carter Center, possibly through a course in which students would examine a particular country and conclude the semester by visiting it, à la an “abbreviated Peace Corps experience.”

Council members then asked several questions of Chace concerning the recent reorganization of Arts and Sciences and the appointment of Bobby Paul as the first executive vice provost for Arts and Sciences. Chace said the move had been in discussion for some time, and the recently announced departures of Provost Rebecca Chopp and Emory College Dean Steve Sanderson hastened the timetable.

Council members asked Chace about the feasibility of conducting an honest and open discussion regarding new administrative structures when the new administrator has already been appointed and put in place. Chace said he believed it is possible to hold such honest discussions, and an agreement exists between the provost and the executive vice provost that “nothing is set in stone” regarding the new position. Chace also said concerns that the appointment harms the college are “tenable,” but that he does not share them.

In year-end committee reports, Nanette Wenger reported for the Faculty Life Course committee and said the committee’s primary accomplishment this year was getting approval and funding for a pilot project of an Emeritus College.

Reporting for the Faculty Hearing committee, Polly Price said her group handled no formal hearings, though it did correspond with several faculty members regarding particular situations. Price said Jim Hughes will take over as committee chair.

Cy Wilcox reported for the University Research Committee. He passed out data showing that since its inception in 1983, the committee has awarded just under $4.9 million in grants, resulting subsequently in (to date) $57.2 million in external funding, 76 book publications, 620 journal articles and 109 miscellaneous publications.

Chair Claire Sterk handed out certificates of appreciation to Kim Wallen, Frank Vandall and John Boli for their service to the council, and she also presented a gift to Chopp, who is leaving Emory to become dean of Yale Divinity School.

To close the meeting, Sterk reported on the progress of the “Research at Emory” commission. She said the commission will comprise four subcommittees, each charged with examining an aspect of research. The groups will be chaired by Wallen, Carol Worthman, Steve Warren and Jim Fowler. The Faculty Council will reconvene during fall semester.

If you have a question or concern for Faculty Council, send e-mail to new chair Frank Vandall at


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