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February 26, 2001

Faculty Council reviews
emeritus college report

By Michael Terrazas

Chair-elect Frank Vandall opened the Feb. 20 Faculty Council meeting with a report from the Distin-guished Faculty Lecture committee. Vandall said the group had narrowed the list of nominees for the 2002 lecture to three names, which he presented to the council for their consideration before the final vote takes place at the March meeting. The names of potential lecturers are kept confidential until the chosen speaker formally accepts an invitation from President Bill Chace.

Chair Claire Sterk said the law school’s Polly Price is stepping down from the faculty hearing committee, and two new members will take her place: Gary Smith (also from law) and Penny Castellano from the medical school.

Charlotte Johnson, senior vice provost for administration, briefed the council on the University’s 2001–02 general and education budget, approved Feb. 15 by the Board of Trustees (see story, page 1). Johnson walked the members through an overview of Emory’s income and expenses in tuition-driven enterprises. Though the University is working in a time of tighter fiscal restraints, she said, the new budget makes major investments in faculty-staff salaries and market adjustments for certain fields.

Other budget priorities included investment in research efforts and the pedagogical strategic plans of certain schools. Johnson also said that while tuition’s percentage of overall income still is around 57 percent, that figure has dropped about 5 percent in the last five years, while endowment spending has risen about 4 percent.

Nanette Wenger of the faculty life-course committee presented a detailed proposal for a two-year “emeritus college” pilot project. The project, under development for a couple years now, hopes to create ways for retired or nearly retired faculty members to continue to work and contribute to the University’s educational services.

The pilot proposal requests $60,000 to fund a part-time director, an administrative assistant and graduate student assistant, office furniture and equipment, and general operating expenses. The plan also calls for the formation of an advisory committee, which would use surveys and focus groups to study faculty attitudes toward the purpose and activities of an emeritus college.

The council voted unanimously to support the project in principle, and Wenger said the committee will now present its proposal to the administration for funding.

In closing the meeting, John Boli asked members to consider for the next meeting, in light of the imminent departure of Emory College Dean Steve Sanderson, the idea of combining leadership of the college and graduate school. He said he hopes to discuss this possibility with Provost Rebecca Chopp.

The next Faculty Council meeting will be March 20 at 3:15 p.m. in 400 Administration.

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