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June 11, 2001

Summer brings bustle of activity

By Eric Rangus


In the summertime, with fewer people on campus than during the academic year, construction steps to the forefront.

Still, despite the many work areas around Emory, the inconvenience to the Univers-ity population remains somewhat minimal. A few parking spaces disappear, a handful of travel routes around campus may change, but considering the massive amount of building going on, the hassle is minor.
Work is under way throughout Emory: at Oxford (the Oxford Arts Center), Crawford Long, Emory West, University Apartments and all over the main campus. Some of the more high-profile projects include:

Science 2000, Phase II: Phase I, Emerson Hall, opened during the spring semester, and work on Phase II is moving smoothly. Phase II, which will house the physics and mathematics departments, among others, is quickly rising over the fences lining Dickey Drive next to the B. Jones Building. Work will continue around the site throughout the summer. Currently, some parking spaces on Dickey and nearby Pierce Drive have been taken away, but both roads will remain open throughout the summer. Target completion date: August 2002.

Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts: Under-ground utility relocation began the day after graduation and should be complete by fall. Only the business school loading dock area and parts of Fishburne Drive are affected, according to Stuart Adler, project manager. At least one lane of Fishburne Drive will be open at all times. Target completion date: May 2002.

Turman Center:
Turman North is receiving new carpeting, an interior paint job, a new sprinkler system and new windows. All work should be completed by the time students return. Turman South, according to project manager Art Platt, will receive the same treatment next summer.

Whitehead Biomedical Research Building: “Our goal is to have the plaza area open by the start of school,” said project manager Bill Chatfield. The well-traveled throughway between the Rollins, Dental, Bioconnector and Whitehead buildings—and the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks—has been closed since May 15. When it reopens, the redesigned plaza will be bricked and decorated with trees and benches. The walkway leading to the Michael Street parking deck, according to Chatfield, is targeted to open by Labor Day. Target completion date: Dec. 1.

Winship Cancer Institute: Uppergate Drive remains closed due to utility construction. Right now, the project is basically a big hole—40 feet deep in some places. Sometime in the middle of the summer, footings will be emplaced, followed by foundation pouring. According to project manager Steve Lange, infrastructure work (steam, water, stormwater and sanitary lines) should be wrapped up by the end of the summer. Target completion date: 2004.


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