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September 24, 2001



HR: A message about retirement plans
According to Human Resources, many participants in the Emory Retirement Plan are wondering about the effect of the financial market uncertainty caused by recent events.

No one can predict how markets will respond in the short term, but in the long term—which is where most investors should focus—the financial markets are driven not by emotion or reactions, but rather by fundamental economic conditions.

It’s important to note that the stock market employs “circuit breakers,” so if the market starts to drop quickly, trading will be suspended anywhere from 30 minutes up to the balance of the day, based on the drop in the market.

The primary question to consider when evaluating an investment program is whether anything has changed in terms of personal goals, financial situation or time horizon, HR said. If none of those factors has changed, investors should be wary of altering long-term plans.

For more information, please refer to TIAA-CREFF (, Fidelity ( and Vanguard ( websites.


Free lunchtime shuttle to Decatur
Emory employees and students working, studying and living along Clifton Road face limited dining choices at lunchtime, but a free express shuttle service from the Clifton Corridor to downtown Decatur expands the menu considerably.

No pass, ID or money is required to ride the shuttle, which is sponsored by the Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association.

Beginning at 11:45 a.m., the shuttle stops at Woodruff Residence Hall, the 1525 Building, the American Cancer Society, the CDC, the School of Public Health and Emory Hospital, arriving at the Decatur square by noon. At 1 p.m., it leaves the Decatur shuttle stop and returns to Emory.
For more information, call Brian Shaw in alternative transportation at 404-727-7638.

Evangeline Papageorge, the first full-time faculty member of the School of Medicine, died Saturday, Sept. 15, from lymphatic leukemia.

Papageorge, 95, taught biochemistry at Emory from 1929–1956, and she served as dean of students until her 1975 retirement. The School of Medicine annually awards a faculty distinguished teaching award and student scholarships in her honor.

Papageorge also was active in Atlanta’s Greek community and was the only woman to serve as president of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation parish council.




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