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August 5, 2002

Web option eases FAS report viewing

By Michael Terrazas

Emory account administrators, rejoice: The University controller’s office has launched Web Report Viewer (WRV), which allows administrators to view their monthly financial accounting system (FAS) reports online and at great speed, simply by logging on to the Division of Finance website.

WRV is the product of a joint effort between the controller’s office and the Information Technology Division. According to the former, approximately 17 percent of FAS administrators are using the system, and feedback has been positive.

“We are excited to offer this reporting solution to our account administrators,” said University Controller Martha McDonald. “Our goal was to provide more timely reports and to relieve them of record retention responsibility. Account administrators now can view their reports on the third business day of the month and can be relieved of the burden associated with paper distribution and storage.

“We are pleased with the satisfaction of the current users of WRV and want all account administrators to be aware of this product,” McDonald said. “It seems to be one of the best-kept secrets of the finance office, and we are hoping to change that—so everyone can enjoy the benefits.”

Paper reports sometimes are not received via campus mail by FAS administrators until several days after the monthly close, whereas WRV reports will be completed by the month’s third business day. Additionally, administrators need not print out the report unless they want to; reports will be saved within the system for five years, eliminating the need to store large amounts of paper.

Training for WRV is available through the controller’s office. Each 45-minute session covers material such as obtaining access, using WRV tools and addressing user-specific questions.

“This is a great opportunity to prepare for [fiscal] year-end close and ease the workflow for your staff during that time of year,” said Beverly Payne, financial analyst and lead WRV trainer. “We hope account administrators and their staffs who are not currently WRV users will join us for training sessions, as we are confident they will enjoy the benefits offered by this service.

For access to WRV, account administrators should send e-mail to Matt Carpenter in the controller’s office ( with their network user ID, or call 404-727-6080 to request a signup form.

Support questions, or requests to discontinue paper FAS reports, should also be directed to the controller’s office.