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June 24, 2002

Credit union offers full slate of services to employees

By Eric Rangus

Benefits at Emory come in a variety of forms. Health and life insurance, courtesy scholarships for dependents, and the ability to take classes are just a handful of the higher profile benefits of belonging to the Emory community.

Maybe not as well known—but certainly a perk of significant importance—is the fact that Emory employees are eligible for membership in Emory Federal Credit Union (EFCU).

Credit unions, which differ from traditional banks in several ways (they are nonprofit and rarely open to the public, for instance) are hardly new entities, nor are they uncommon. The United States has more than 13,500 of them, in fact.

With consolidation in the U.S. banking industry becoming the norm, critics—and more than a few customers—have begun looking for new options.

“There is a lot of frustration with banks,” said Jill Kelley, the credit union’s marketing director. “There are too many fees. Service is an issue. People are beginning to get fed up.”

And EFCU is ready to welcome these people with open arms.

A full slate of services is available at each of the credit union’s three locations: the Candler Building at Crawford Long, the Dobbs Center and the main office at 1237 Clairmont Road, just south of the N. Decatur Road intersection.

The credit union, through its “Total Access” program, offers all the features expected of a full-service financial institution: credit cards; loans for cars, homes or other reasons; a variety of checking and savings accounts, and a great deal more.

For instance, EFCU offers an auto locator service. To utilize the service, a credit union member simply fills out a form specifying the make and model of new car (as well as special features and color) he or she wants, and the credit union finds it. The entire process can be completed in one day and dealers deliver the car, so customers don’t ever have to step foot on a lot. The process is applicable to leased vehicles as well.

This service, like most of EFCU’s offerings, comes without related fees or service charges.

Joining the credit union is simple. Filling out the application takes about 10 minutes; all that’s necessary is a photo ID and proof of membership eligibility (e.g., a paycheck stub or work ID). Once a member, it is possible to not step inside the building again.

All transactions (save home purchases financed through EFCU) can be completed
over the phone or online (

A minimum deposit of $25 is necessary to open a Share Saving Account, while opening a checking account requires an initial opening deposit of $100. All Emory employees (as well as their immediate family members) are eligible to join the credit union, and a job change has no effect on membership.

The website, according to Kelley, is a versatile tool that credit union members may use to pay bills, apply for a loan or perform dozens of other tasks.

“The website is a portal,” Kelley said. “You can check stock quotes, order a credit report, or even check the weather or news updates.”

EFCU was founded by 22 Emory employees and chartered in 1968 as a full-service financial institution. It now boasts more than 18,000 members and some $70 million in assets, ranking among the top 20 financial institutions in Georgia in both categories. In fact, the credit union’s assets have doubled over the last four years.

For more information about the credit union, visit the EFCU’s website or contact the nearest branch office in the Dobbs Center (404-727-9450), Crawford Long (404-686-2559) or Clairmont Road (404-329-6415).