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November 18, 2002

Fourth-quarter anniversary celebrants

Wynell Lauver is communications consultant for Human Resources

Congratulations to the following employees celebrating their five-, 10-, 15- and 20-year anniversaries this quarter:


Shannon Bain, Emory College; Christine Baldassari, University Libraries; Janet Bargeron, Carter Center; Dorothy Bennevendo, Campus Life; Ann Boyle, Emory Police Department; Mark Brown, Medical School; Belinda Bryant, Facilities Management; Robin Burch, Emory College; Winifred Clement, Ethics Center; Jerry Cornelius, Facilities Management; Bruce Covey, Bookstore; Joellen Frank Cox, Yerkes; Heather Deane, Medical School; Anthony DeBalsi, Medical School; John Dixon, Medical School; Jennifer Feuerstein, Yerkes; John Fields, Facilities Management; Nana Alice Freret, Medical School; Melissia Gamble, Medical School; Kim Gardner, Ethics Center; Tynesha Green, Carter Center; Wendy Hall-Davis, Medical School; Donald Harris, Facilities Management; Tanisha Hill, Business School; Mary Hodel, Medical School; Mary Kolmer Horton, Medical School; Angela Houston, Medical School; Carol Ingram, Medical School; Patsy Irvin, Carter Center; Deborah Isenberg, Medical School; Tao Jia, Medical School; Kesia Johnson Hudson, Medical School; Donna Kilcullen, Medical School; Delbridge King, Human Resources; Patricia King, Georgia First; Shelley McConnell, Carter Center; Mary Melton, Office of Exec VP Health Affairs; Richard Method, Emory Card; Brenda Nelson, Facilities Management; Gina Nesbit, Medical School; Genevieve Niedziela, Yerkes; Frances Peterson, Human Resources; Rohini Polavarapu, Medical School; Patricia Richmond, Task Force-Child Survival; Moses Robinson, Business School; Pamela Ruby, Public Health; Cynthia Sanders, Emory Police Department; Shawana Sanders, Business School; John Scheve, Facilities Management; Dee Shriver, Emory College; James Sorrells, Credit Union; Charles Sparkman, Medical School; Carol Tate, Law School; Valrie Thompson, Carter Center; Scott Turnbull, Medical School; Alfonzo Walker, Facilities Management; Royanne Wayman, Accounts Payable; Kechia Williams, Facilities Management; Jamil Zainaldin, Georgia Humanities Council.

Robert Anderson, Yerkes; Lizabeth Andrew, Medical School; Joanne Boykin, Medical School; Li Xin Cronin, Medical School; Nancy Egins, Medical School; Michael Feagin, Facilities Management; Caryn Hanrahan, Medical School; Sonia Hayden, Yerkes; Jaquelyn Henderson, Medical School; Patricia Hlavach, Medical School; Judith King, Institutional Advancement; Christopher Luethy, Yerkes; Mary Malone, Medical School; Nirupama Masse, Genetics; Lisa Maxwell, Medical School; Jane May, Medical School; Denise McLaughlin, Medical School; Sherry Middlebrooks, Public Health; Matthew Miller, University Libraries; Marian Osborne, Ethics Center; Catherine Phillips, Law School; Sheena Porter, Bursar’s Office; Maria Rednic, Facilities Management; Sandra Fay Reynolds, Medical School; Valarie Scales, Medical School; Carolyn Slatter, Medical School; Anna Smillie, Medical School; James Russell Stanton, Medical School; Solomon Sylva, Medical School; Edith Woodward, Medical School.

Blanche Burch, Emory College; Rondy Cashwell, Facilities Management; William Choate, Information Technology; Pamela Epps, Campus Life; Lauran Fechte, Medical School; Ronnie Gorrell, Purchasing; Jovall Haynes, Institutional Development; Cassandra Battle Johnson, Yerkes; Vernon Jones, Facilities Management; Helen Ann Lowe, Campus Life; Marcelia Maddox, Yerkes; Kerry Norwood, Facilities Management; Valerie Panditaratne, Medical School; Diane James Rieger, Emory College; Nelson Robinson, Campus Life; Tariq Shakoor, Campus Life; Kathryn Smith, Graduate School; Brenda Lee Stevenson, Theology School; Glenda Stewart, Medical School; Scott Swann, ITD; Donna Vernay Turner, Medical School; Lucious Whatley, Facilities Management; Brian Wheeler, Campus Life; Ginger Whitehead, Medical School; Howard Eldon Yoho, Theology School.

Nicole Byrd, Administrative Information Systems; Kimberly Comstock, ITD; William Dickie, Emory Police Department; Patricia Douglass, Human Resources; Patricia Ann Freeman, Yerkes; Robert Killian, Network Communications; Graydon Kirk, Administrative Information Systems; Andrea Lewyn Krakovsky, Medical School; Lee Leach, Medical School; Sharen Olson, Office of Exec VP Health Affairs; Raj Razdan, Medical School; William Watkins, Emory Card; Paul Weimer, Georgia Humanities Council; Richard Westrick, Administrative Information Systems.