December 1, 2003

Biking brings MARTA tokens

By Eric Rangus

A new program created by the Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association (CCTMA) and supported by Emory’s Alternative Transportation Office aims to encourage employees of the University as well as other businesses along Clifton Road to get out of their cars and either walk or ride a bicycle to work.

Signing up for the Bicyclist/Pedestrian Program will provide registrants with the opportunity to take advantage of alternative transportation’s programs—such as the Shared Car Program, Guaranteed Ride Home and Effective Cycling Course discounts—as well as access to new amenities.

New program registrants are eligible for up to 100 free MARTA tokens. Tokens can be picked up in rolls of 20 (and no more than one roll every two months) from the Alternative Transportation Office in the Clairmont Campus parking deck. Emory employees who sign up also are eligible to receive a $25 gift certificate for Bike South, located at the corner of N. Decatur and Clairmont roads.

According to Brian Shaw, director of alternative transportation, the new features were the ideas of cyclists who already registered with CCTMA. "They wanted an opportunity to take MARTA when the weather got bad, and now that MARTA buses all have bike racks, it seemed like a really good fit."

The new program is not the only benefit for being a bike rider. The bicycle suitability map for the Emory area has been updated and is available in several places on campus (WoodPEC, the Dobbs Center and the parking office are just three locations). The map rates dozens of roads in the area as to their bicycle-friendliness.

Many less-traveled, neighborhood roads are rated Green for "least difficult." Yellow roads ("medium difficult") are a bit heavier traveled by cars, but can be negotiated by bike riders without a lot of trouble. Orange roads ("most difficult") are the least friendly to bike riders and most dangerous.

Because of the high demand, 10 times more maps were printed for this edition than for the previous version last year. A pdf version also is available online. The map was prepared by Emory, CCTMA and the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Program registration forms are available online at or, or the Alternative Transportation Office. Completed forms can be faxed to 404-727-1829.