December 15, 2003

Save paper and time: Get W-2s online

Jessica Levin is an administrative assistant in Human Resources.

Emory and TALX Corp. are partnering again to offer University, Emory Hospitals and Wesley Woods employees an option to receive their W-2s online.

By getting W-2s online, employees won't have to wait for them to be delivered by the post office. All that's required is a simple electronic registration via the web; the Internal Revenue Service has approved the delivery of W-2 statements online with individuals' consent. Also, the online W-2 works with TurboTax and TaxCut home software and with the EzTaxReturn online tax service. Once you're in the software program, just click to download your W-2.  

Employees who registered to receive their W-2s online in 2002 do not need to re-register for 2003. Those wishing to cancel their online registration can unsubscribe by visiting or by calling 800-367-2884.

How can I sign up to receive my W-2 online?

Visit or call 800-367-2884.

On the home page, select Enter in the Employee box.

Enter "Employer Code" 11332 in the Login box and click GO.

Enter your Social Security number (without dashes).

Enter your PIN, which is the last four digits of your Social Security number plus the month and year of your birthdate; for example, if your Social Security number is 414-42-5731 and your birth date is July 1916, your PIN would be 57310716.

Select sign-up for Online Delivery Enrollment.

Read the disclosure and click on Test Now.

A sample W-2 should appear on your screen. If the sample W-2 does not appear, contact your local support to update your computer's version of Adobe Acrobat.

Close the sample file and click on "I saw the test W-2, read all of the important information above, and want to receive my original W-2 statement online."

Complete the consent form with your primary (and secondary) e-mail address, mailing address and home/work phone numbers, then select Continue.

A verification screen will show; if correct, select Confirm.

The deadline for signing up to receive 2003 W-2s electronically is Friday, Jan. 9, 2004. If you sign up after Jan. 9, your enrollment will be regarded as consent for next year; you can withdrawal your consent at any time. Note: If you elect to receive your W-2 electronically, you will not receive a hard copy of your W-2 in the mail.

In late January, electronic W-2s will be posted on a secure website, well before people normally receive them via the postal service. Those registered to receive their W-2s electronically will receive notification when they are available, along with instructions for retrieval. They also will receive a confirmation e-mail upon enrolling for online delivery.

For help in registering for online W-2 delivery, call 800-996-7566. Be advised that, if your W-2 has an error, you cannot make corrections online. In such an event, call the Emory payroll department at 404-727-6100.