May 27, 2003

Retiring Employees

The retiring members of Emory’s faculty, administration and staff were recognized at this year’s graduation ceremony. Below are the names and departments of retiring individuals, along with the year they began working at the University.


Faculty & Administrators
Donald Donham, Anthropology (1988)
Louis Elsas, Genetics (1970)
David Ford, Mathematics and Computer Sciences (1965)
David Glass, Pharmacology (1978)
Laurence Harker, Hematology/Oncology (1989)
Sarah Herbert, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (1985)
Stephen Kaufman, Radiology (1988)
Fredric Kennedy, Health Policy and Management (1977)
Juha Pekka Kokko, Medical School Administration (1986)
Andrew Kull, Law (1987)
James McMahon, German Studies (1964)
John Madden, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (1965)
Luigi Marzilli, Chemistry (1980)
Patricia Ann Marzilli, Chemistry (1982)
Judith Morgan, Biology (1978)
Jane Nelson, Health Policy and Management (1992)
Helen O’Shea, Nursing (1971)
William Partin, Health and Physical Education (1951)
Robert Pastor, Political Science (1985)
Jean Porter, Emory Employee Assistance Program (1954)
Howard Rollins, Psychology (1968)
Kenneth Scheidt, Radiology (1992)
Geraldine Scheller-Gilkey, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (1986)
John Stone, Medical School Administration (1966)
Donald Wells, Emory Healthcare Business Development (1966)
Ina Jane Wundrum, Anthropology (1986)

Staff (25 or more years of service)
Mollie Anthony, Laboratory Technician (1976)
Essie Blakely, Food Services (1965)
Ivery Boddie, Food Services (1975)
Helen Bowers, Administration (1970)
Inez Bowling, Billable Supplies (1956)
Betty Braver, Guest Services (1975)
Inette Byrd, Interdepartmental Staffing (1970)
Jacqueline Carter, Medical Technology (1968)
Janice Carter, Bookstore (1973)
Johnnie Chester, Food and Nutrition (1963)
Bonnie Collins, Occupational Therapy (1976)
Winnie Davis, Nursing Services (1969)
Geneva Gregory, Finance (1967)
Odella Gunby, Nursing (1970)
James Head, Facilities Management (1971)
Barbara Holland, Materials Management (1977)
Debra Jo Iott, Medical Technology (1971)
Eddie Jackson, Biomedical Media (1972)
Lois Jones, Interdepartmental Staffing (1971)
Mary Lewis, Radiology (1976)
Barbara Lyons, Nursing (1967)
Janet Marion, Genetics (1975)
Elinora Mathis, General Surgery (1971)
Mary McLean, Yerkes National Primate Research Center (1977)
Earnestine Miller, Food and Nutrition Services (1966)
Ora Perryman, Bone Marrow Transplants (1972)
Mariamma Philip, Nursing Services (1974)
Rex Pritchett, Physiology (1956)
Julia Purcell, Center for Transplantation (1966)
Vonnie Roberson, Custodial Services (1975)
Jimmy Roberts, Yerkes National Primate Research Center (1963)
Runelle Rozar, Environmental Services (1967)
Kay Seymour, Patient Accounts (1965)
Harold Smith, Facilities Management (1972)
Ann Starks, Human Resources (1977)
Jocelyn Taylor, Emory College (1962)
Nanci Toy, Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library (1969)
Dona Coleman Vinson, Yerkes National Primate Research Center (1973)
Clytie Walters, Anesthesia Services (1963)
Dorothy White, Food and Nutrition (1977)
Bettie Williams, Facilities Management (1963)
June Williams, Nursing Administration (1974)
Donna Wilson, Unit Clerk (1977)
Roosevelt Wise, Facilities Management (1959)