Emory Report
August 23, 2004
Volume 57, Number 1


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August 23, 2004
Pay stubs to be distributed online

By Eric Rangus

In an ongoing effort to increase security, reduce costs and save department staff time, the payroll office has, since April, been assisting employees in receiving their direct deposit advices—the printed notices informing them that their pay has posted to their bank accounts—online.

“The biggest benefit is security,” said David Thurston, assistant vice president for finance and bursar. “People can access their pay history from home or work without worrying about a piece of paper floating around campus.”

This change not only will save paper, but it also will save resources such as time, since payroll advices can be distributed with the click of a few keys instead of down a hand-carried path that sometimes takes days to complete.

The pilot project began in April with online direct deposit advice distribution in the Human Resources, Information Technology and Finance divisions. Each month more divisions across campus took part. By October, almost all the campus will be covered.

“The bulk of the schools should be completed in September,” said Thurston, adding that senior administrators, Network Communications Institutional Advancement had recently joined the online rolls. “The School of Medicine, Yerkes and the Rollins School of Public Health will be left.”

As Thurston said, for years Emory has been moving more toward a paperless environment and direct deposit has been a major factor in that effort. Currently 98 percent of salaried employees and 96 percent of biweekly staff receive their pay through direct deposit.

Online distribution of pay stubs also highlights the versatility of Emory’s PeopleSoft Self-Service website, which give employees easy and secure access to their personal information from their desks.

Online delivery is simple. When paychecks are processed, employees will receive an e-mail prompt containing a reminder that the direct deposit advice is available. The e-mail will include a link to the employee self-service logon screen. (Self-service also can be accessed at www.finance.emory.edu or http://emory.hr.emory.edu.)

Printed pay advices will not be eliminated completely, however. To receive a pre-printed pay advice, employees should access the “pay advice print option” on the employee self-service screen in the finance division’s website.

Pay advices for employees who do not have easy access to computers will be distributed though the individual’s department. Thurston said this should affect fewer than 5 percent of Emory employees.