January 26, 2004

Open Letter

Dear Emory community:

We have recently heard several concerns expressed regarding safety issues at certain intersections on campus. We are actively working with University staff, Facilities Management and the Student Government Association to address those concerns. While great efforts are being made by the University to reduce the amount of vehicular traffic and provide for more "pedestrian friendly" areas, it remains a fact that some form of vehicular traffic will continue to exist in our community. Pedestrian safety remains a concern for all of us. While we work to address concerns at specific locations, we would like to ask for your help in addressing overall pedestrian safety across campus.  

Care must be exercised by each and every one of us as we commute by vehicle, by bicycle and on foot across our campus. Instances of pedestrians crossing streets (Clifton Road being a good example) at mid-block, or crossing busy intersections in the marked crosswalk but against the traffic signal, occur all too often. It is our hope that individuals will choose to give priority to their safety rather than their convenience.

I urge each of you to give top priority to your own safety. Obey the posted speed limits (15 mph on campus streets, 25 mph along Clifton Road). Walk the extra few feet out of your way and use the existing crosswalks, sidewalks and traffic signals. Obey the directions of the traffic signals when using the crosswalks. Please, do not allow yourself to become another statistic.


Craig Watson

Chief, Emory Police Department