May 24, 2004

Faculty/staff retirements


The retiring members of Emory’s faculty, administration and staff were recognized at this year’s graduation ceremony. Below are the names and departments of retiring individuals, along with the year they began working at the University.


Faculty & Administrators
Robert Bays, Medicine (1986)
John Boring, Epidemiology (1966)
Eugene Davis, Oxford College (1981)
Robin Deandrade, Orthopaedics (1969)
David Ford, Mathematics and Computer Sciences (1965)
Wesley Frazier, Anesthesiology (1966)
Joan Gotwals, University Libraries (1988)
Frank Huff, Vice President and Treasurer (1985)
Irwin Hyatt, Senior Associate Dean (1965)
Dan Michael Mackey, Dermatology (1985)
Rosalind Mance, Psychiatry (1980)
Belle Miller McMaster, Theology (1993)
Judith Morgan, Biology (1978)
André Nahmias, Pediatrics (1964)
Helen O’Shea, Nursing (1971)
Robert Pascal, Pathology (1988)
Geraldine Scheller-Gilkey, Psychiatry (1986)
Charles Schisler, Music (1988)
Richard Shappell, Oxford College (1972)
John Stone III, English (1966)
John Temple, Executive Vice President (1982)
Eugene Winograd, Psychology (1968)

Staff (25 or more years of service)
Rita Adams, Information Technology Division (1969)
Daisy Ashe, Laundry and Linen (1965)
Otelia Baker, Environmental Services (1974)
Mary Bates, Environmental Services (1964)
Joe Jean Borowski, Center for Health in Aging (1968)
Georgia Brown, Affiliated Laboratories (1978)
Jacqueline Castellaw, Oxford College (1974)
Marlena Coggins, Operational Services (1969)
Marian Elder, Nursing Services (1965)
Stella Feagle, Chapel and Religious Life (1951)
Faye Fuller, Oxford College (1968)
Emma Fyfe, Environmental Services (1976)
Patsy Getz, Geriatrics (1952)
Velma Jeffries, Cardiology (1978)
Judith Karl, Biochemistry (1964)
Francis Kiernan, Research Photographer (1967)
Linda Krumpeck, Information Technology Division (1973)
John Edward Lewis, Anesthesia Services (1970)
Trucy Mierez, Nursing Services (1978)
Millie Mitchell, Nurse Clinician (1965)
Betty Moore, Environmental Services (1976)
Eva Nabors, Hospital Admissions (1974)
Marie Morris Nitschke, University Libraries (1967)
Radine Lee Robinson, School of Law (1977)
John Royall III, Institutional Advancement Services (1974)
Kathleen Sheppard, Anesthesia Services (1976)
Claretha Stafford, Food and Nutrition (1969)
Shirley Suttle, Information Technology Division (1979)
Beatrice Watson, Environmental Services (1976)
Betty Welch, Surgery (1966)
Linda Visk, University Libraries (1958)