Emory Report
November 1, 2004
Volume 57, Number 10


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November 1, 2004
Verify employment with Work Number

Katherine Hinson is director of HR communications

Starting today, Nov. 1, employees will have the option to use The Work Number, a convenient and secure automated process to verify their employment and/or salary, or may continue using the current process through Data Services.

It is now easier and faster to get verifications when buying a home or a car, refinancing, leasing an apartment or car, etc. The Work Number provides 24-hour automated access to employment and /or salary verification via the Internet (www.theworknumber.com) or by phone at 800-367-2884. Customer service is also available at 800-996-7566, Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Work Number provides a secure, timely and accurate way to request employment and/or salary verification—when it’s needed. Employees no longer have to leave messages for people on weekends when there is no one in the office to verify information. Employees also decide who can access their information.

Users will need the Emory code (11332) to start the process. Those wanting to provide salary information to verifiers also will need a salary key. In all, they will provide the verifier with their Social Security number, Emory code, and salary key (only required for salary verification).

The Work Number is an added benefit from using TALX, the vendor who provides Emory’s online W-2s, and there is no additional cost to employees or the University for this service. This automated service replaces slow, paper-based methods with universal and secure access to data.

More information on this service will be available on the Human Resources (HR) website beginning Nov. 5.


Since the rollout of the revised performance management program this summer, there have been 10 employee information sessions—six at Cox Hall, two at HR and two at Grady’s Faculty Building—with a total of 489 attendees. There also have been six manager overview sessions (with 116 managers attending) and five train-the-trainer sessions for 60 departmental representatives.

In addition to the current sessions, a new course is being offered for managers: SMART Goal Setting. A SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-Oriented and Time-Limited) is a performance-planning statement that describes and quantifies an outcome for which the employees are responsible. The resulting goal should answer specific personal quality questions for the employee and to help “cascade” institutional goals on the individual level.

The course also will cover the University’s strategic goals; how schools and divisions help Emory achieve these goals; how departments contribute to schools and divisions; and the results individuals can produce to support departments.

Employees who want to find out more about performance management and learn what is expected of them in the evaluation process can register for information sessions. Managers and supervisors should attend a manager’s overview session so that they have the necessary tools to use the revitalized performance management program. To sign up for a class, visit http://emory.hr.emory.edu/onlinereg. Under Performance Management, choose a class and then the session.

For additional questions, call 404-727-7607.