Emory Report
November 1, 2004
Volume 57, Number 10


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November 1, 2004
'Vote with your feet' during November's Unity Month

BY Eric Rangus

Unity Month, Emory’s annual celebration of diversity across campus, kicks off today with a community fair in the Dobbs Center and doesn’t slow down until Thanksgiving. The event draws its 2004 theme, “A Vote for Unity Is a Vote for the Future,” from the upcoming presidential election, and while the election takes place on Nov. 2, the rest of November won’t be empty.

“The point is to vote with your feet, attend all these activities and learn about the groups on campus,” said Donna Wong, associate director of multicultural activities and chair of the planning committee.

Created 21 years ago to be an eclectic blend highlighting diversity in the arts, society, religion and academia, Unity Month has grown in length from a week to a month, and the depth of the celebration has only become more impressive.

Most days in November boast more than one event and the month gets off to a smashing start with an event that delivers one of Emory’s highest profile—and newest—administrators directly to the community.

On Nov. 3, the President’s Commission on Race and Ethnicity (PCORE) is sponsoring a diversity dialogue that will feature Provost Earl Lewis, who will discuss his experiences at the University of Michigan as well as diversity initiatives at Emory.

Arts have always played a significant role in Unity Month programming, and this year is no exception. Longtime events such as the Cultural Beats Show (Nov. 5) and Unity Carnival and fashion show (Nov. 9) are mixed with new events, such as the photo exhibit “Dignity and Justice for Comfort Women,”
in the Dobbs Center art gallery. Running Nov. 19–24, the exhibit chronicles the experiences of Korean women during World War II.

The Office of Student Activities is offering diversity-themed activities as part of its new “Fridays at 10” program in the Dobbs Center. On Nov. 5, Urbanis will be a celebration of city art (Urbanis is the Latin root for “city”), and on Nov. 19, a game show, Think Fast!, will feature a variety of trivia including some questions about diversity.

Film screenings include Monsoon Wedding (Nov. 10), the Oscar-nominated In America (Nov. 12) and Iranian Journey (Nov. 17), the latter a partnership with the Center for Women, and others scattered through the month, including the three-movie RACES film series.

Social issues will be explored during the Volunteer Emory-sponsored Hunger Banquet, Nov. 10, where worldwide famine is examined symbolically. Nov. 18 is devoted to athletics with the Alpha Phi Omega-sponsored Turkey Trot fundraiser and annual faculty vs. student basketball games that evening.

For a full schedule of events, visit the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services’ website at www.emory.edu/MULTICULTURAL.