Emory Report
November 15, 2004
Volume 57, Number 12


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November 15, 2004
The right course

Katherine Hinson is director of HR communications

There is always an opportunity at Emory to learn, whether it be for professional development or personal health and wellness. As an employer, Emory promotes and supports professional development for staff, as well as health and wellness education. The University recognizes the importance of staying fit, mentally and physically, by offering a wide range of professional development courses and wellness programs.

Those looking to improve their personal knowledge can visit the HR website at http://emory.hr.emory.edu/training.nsf to view course descriptions, schedules and to register online. A paper copy of the courses is available by calling 404-727-7607.

Employees approved to attend Emory sponsored classes or programs (including the skills enhancement program and career counseling) are to be paid for the hours they attend during normal working hours. Overtime or compensatory time off is applicable for non-exempt employees if the required training extends their work week beyond 40 hours. Courses taken should be incorporated into the employee’s development plan as part of their annual performance management evaluation.

For more information, call 404-727-7607.

The Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is committed to help faculty and staff pursue wellness as a way of life by promoting healthy ways of enhancing the quality of life at work and at home.

A calendar of events can be found at http://emory.hr.emory.edu/fsap/health.htm.

FSAP also offers HealthBreak, a wellness initiative that promotes healthy practices in the workplace. It helps employees discover how to improve their health while at work by offering healty strategies nutrition, fitness, wellness and stress reduction. HealthBreaks provides the opportunity to learn simple exercises such as chair yoga and desk-ercises; meditation, stretches and breathing; healthy shopping and cooking techniques; health tips for weight management; injury prevention, etc.

FSAP offers a similar program for health care workers, StressBreaks. StressBreaks provides the opportunity to release tension from the workday with a series of simple exercises/techniques that help people relax and focus on what they are doing and what they have done. This program also encompasses chair yoga, desk-ercises, meditation and breathing techniques.

For employees who have a hard time getting away to attend workshops and special programs, professionals for both HealthBreaks and StressBreaks will come to units to provide this valuable information.

For more information or to coordinate a HealthBreak or StressBreak, call Julie Bernath, wellness coordinator, at 404-727-9620.