Emory Report
November 29, 2004
Volume 57, Number 13


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November 29, 2004
PCORE gets ready for Campus Climate survey

BY Katherine Baust

Vice President for Human Resources Alice Miller and Director of Employment Services Del King met with the President’s Commission on Race and Ethnicity (PCORE) on Monday, Nov. 15, in 400 Administration. Miller and King updated the commission on changes related to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the soon-to-be-distributed Campus Climate Survey. The pair also gave a report on Emory hires, promotions and retention.

Regarding the latter, King said over the past three years the percentage of minority hires continued to increase; the rate of minority transfers and promotions has been proportional to the population; the percentage of vacancies filled by promotions and transfers increased; and the minority retention rate continues to increase. Also, King said HR is looking at ways to post jobs internally before they can be viewed by external audiences.

On FLSA, Miller said administrators and/or committees are reviewing the affected job titles and making case-by-case recommendations; an external consultant also will review the changes. In December, Miller said, final determinations will be communicated to the affected individuals by their supervisors.

Miller announced that the Emory’s first-ever climate survey, developed by an outside consultant in conjunction with PCORE, will be distributed the week of Nov. 29. Years in the making, the survey aims to measure what employees think of Emory’s culture and their perspectives on diversity, communications and developmental opportunities. All results will go directly to the consultant and will not be seen by anyone from Emory before being compiled.

In his executive report, Chair Chris Grey announced the PCORE website (www.pcore.emory.edu) is now up and running. After a discussion of the revised discriminatory harassment (DH) policy draft, Grey updated the members on the “Leaders Lunch” with Provost Earl Lewis. During the lunch, Grey outlined the commission’s immediate goals, long-range plans, issues to address, need for administrative support and future resources regarded.

In committee reports, staff concerns announced its plans for a group of staff and students to meet with Lewis to discuss how to integrate diversity into the community. Grey asked committee members to send any PCORE references in University publications to Sylvester Hopewell, chair of the historical records/bylaws committee. To date, the professional development fund has received 10 applications for its conference travel assistance scholarships. The deadline is Dec. 1. The average award is $500, and the fund has $4,500 to distribute.

Special projects chair Jody Usher announced that 39 people (13 from Emory) enrolled in the Oct. 29–31 “Train the Trainer Workshop,” co-sponsored by the Emory chapter of the National Coalition Building Institute. Race and ethnic leadership co-chair Robert Lee said the committee is working to ensure the commission is made aware of high-level searches and for candidates to meet with a PCORE member to assess their stance on diversity. In addition, they are working to create a database of qualified people of color to use as a recruitment tool when looking to fill these positions.

Grey said the President’s Commission on the Status of Women is developing a process to track the undergraduate attrition rate of women in the hard sciences, and the PCSW sexual assault committee is planning to host an awareness week in April.

The next PCORE meeting currently is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 25, from 3–5 p.m. in 400 Administration
but may be rescheduled for Monday, Jan. 24, from 3-5 p.m. to accommodate Lewis as a guest speaker.

If you have a question or concern for PCORE, e-mail Grey at pcore@emory.edu.