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August 1, 2005
Volume 57, Number 36


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August 1, 2005
PCSW calls for Emory women in leadership

BY christi gray

The President’s Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) is taking applications for the selection of two Emory women to attend the Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) 2005–06 New England Management Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration.

“We are looking for faculty members and high-level administrators who are interested in advancing their own careers in higher education,” said Allison Dykes, PCSW chair. “Candidates should also be interested in helping the PCSW advance the status of women in leadership at Emory.”

The Management Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration is one of the most distinguished leadership programs in the country, Dykes said. The instructional areas of this program are planning and fiscal management, managing in organizations, and professional development. The institute seeks to prepare women for deanships and other senior administrative posts. Participants in the institute carry such titles as associate and assistant dean; assistant, associate, and full professor; administrator; director; comptroller; registrar; and chair, less typically, dean or vice president. In addition to pursuing advancement, participants are asked by PCSW to make a “strong and informed contribution to Emory” upon their return.

The Office of the President agreed to fund this annual program, through the guidance of PCSW. The $14,750 will cover all attendance costs, and a stipend will be available to the attendees to use in helping advance women in leadership at Emory. Also, the two women will be asked to join the PCSW Women in Leadership Committee, and the committee will decide what the stipend will be used for.

“With the expertise these women gain at the institute, we will develop a plan to use the stipend to educate the Emory community about opportunities for leadership development and identify ways to support women at Emory who wish to advance their careers,” said Dykes. “There are many programs at other universities that support the advancement of women in leadership roles, and we would like to help Emory contribute to these efforts.”

Located on the Wellesley College campus in Massachusetts, the intensive program is held on five consecutive weekends starting in October. This is a deviation from the PCSW’s original plan devised in January of sending the two women to the six-week HERS Summer Institute.

“The PCSW wanted to provide a more flexible program to accommodate the many demands women face in managing their careers and responsibilities outside of work,” said Dykes. “The five-weekend program is affiliated and similar to the summer institute, but shorter in duration.”

The deadline for applications is Aug. 25. Applications can be found at the PCSW website (www.pcsw.emory.edu) or picked up at the Center for Women and should be sent through campus mail to Martha Fagan, School of Law, 1301 Clifton Road. For more information, e-mail pcsw@emory.edu or martha@law.emory.edu.