Emory Report
February 14, 2005
Volume 57, Number 19


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February 14, 2005
Lewis leads wide-ranging talk at PCORE meeting

BY Katherine Baust

Provost Earl Lewis met with the President’s Commission on Race and Ethnicity (PCORE) on Monday, Jan. 31, in 400 Administration. Lewis updated commission members on items he has been working on since meeting with the group six months eariler.

Lewis said one of his first tasks after coming to Emory was to scan Emory’s activities. The first change he suggested was to create the a position of senior vice provost for diversity, community and of institutional development. He said this individual also will need to hold an academic appointment so he or she will have a keen sense of scholarly life. Lewis’ goal is to have a job description completed by February and to launch a national search by the beginning of March. He said he foresees a staff of at least two support people, and the office would be located on the third floor of the Administration Building.

The following open discussion covered topics such as Emory’s core values; the relationship of the new senior vice provost’s office to students; the future relationship of Equal Opportunity Programs to the General Counsel; community concerns about change; Emory’s identity and brand; the strategic plan; Oxford College; the recruitment of Latino students, faculty and staff; creating an inviting academic environment where students can succeed; and Lewis’ own personal observations of Emory as a newcomer to the community.

Chair Chris Grey gave the budget update and the commission heard two requests for sponsorship and funding. The College Council requested support for the annual State of Race Debate, and the Office of Multicultural Studies Programs and Services requested support for the African American Heritage Month lecture. Each group was awarded $500.

Grey briefed the commission on the Council of Chairs, an effort to convene past PCORE chairs so they can discuss common experiences. Grey also put out a call for membership nominations, which can be completed on the PCORE website (www.pcore.emory.edu).

Donna Wong, associate director of multicultural programs and services, gave an update on the tsunami relief effort, reporting that events had raised $5,500 to date.
Vanda Hudson of the professional development fund reported that the committee awarded a total of $4,500 to nine out of 21 applicants.

Grey gave the rest of the committee reports. For faculty concerns, Grey said he will put together faculty luncheons and asked the commission to recommend faculty of color who might help recruit other faculty of color. For staff reports, he said the climate survey was successful, with a response rate of 37 percent, and that the results are being compiled. He also said the executive committee submitted a proposal to President Jim Wagner to create a climate survey task force to communicate the results to the community.

The next PCORE meeting will be Monday, Feb. 28, from 3–5 p.m. in 400 Administration.

If you have a question or concern for PCORE, e-mail Chris Grey at pcore@emory.edu.