Emory Report
January 31, 2005
Volume 60, Number 17


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January 31 , 2005
FLSA review process wraps up

BY Katherine Hinson

Following an extensive review of job titles affected by last year's changes to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the University has made a final determination of which employees will be switched to bimonthly pay and made eligible for overtime (nonexempt), and which will remain salaried employees, paid monthly and exempt from overtime.

For the review, job duty information was provided by the affected employees as well as their supervisors. This information was reviewed by divisional representatives and leadership, as well as the outside counsel who specializes in FLSA compliance.

Both the affected employees and their units have been notified of the final results. Some 833 employees were identified to participate in the review process; of those, 623 will be nonexempt and paid biweekly, while 210 will remain exempt.

While all University areas were affected, the School of Medicine had the largest number of employees (320) go through the review process; Emory College was next with 123. Other areas with at least 25 employees include the School of Public Health, Campus Life, Development and University Relations, Goizueta Business School and Yerkes.

Changes for those employees going to nonexempt status include: (1) changing to biweekly pay; (2) tracking time on the Time & Attendance System (TAS), except for some employees in medicine who will continue keeping time on paper until further notice; and (3) benefit deductions being taken from the first two paychecks each month (other than retirement contributions, which are taken from every paycheck). The first biweekly paycheck will be issued March 18.

To help with the transition of monthly to biweekly pay, budgeting classes presented by TIAA-CREF were offered to the community. These classes were successful and well attended; employees received budgeting tips not only from TIAA-CREF but from other employees as well. Participants had the opportunity to share their own stories and experiences of what will help them adapt to the biweekly paychecks.  

Because of the positive response, more classes have been scheduled for Monday, Feb. 7, at 2 p.m. and Tuesday, Feb. 8, at 10 a.m. in room 355 of the Dobbs Center. Additionally, TAS training is available for employees not familiar with the system. For more information or to register for a class, visit https://emory.hr.emory.edu/onlinereg.nsf/home.