July 18, 2005

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Michael Terrazas, Editor

Eric Rangus, Senior Editor

Katherine Baust, Staff Writer

Christi Gray, Designer

Jon Rou, Photography Director

Diya Chaudhuri,
Editorial Assistant


In the wake of the devastating tsunami that hit 11 countries in Asia and Africa on Dec. 26, 2004, volunteers from around the world traveled to the countries affected by the killer wave. One of them was Beatrice Lindstrom (top right), a rising senior in Emory College. She and Vikash Parekh, a 2003 Emory College graduate, recently spent a month in Thailand helping clean up debris that still remains in many areas. When they weren’t shoveling shattered concrete or sifting through sand to pick out bits of glass, they taught English to Thai schoolchildren like the six smiling boys above.


Volunteers' paradise in tsunami relief

The photos still remain. More than half a year after a tsunami killed some 300,000 people in 11 countries, pictures of men, women and children are tacked up on bulletin boards in hotels and public spaces in Phuket, Thailand, one of the cities hardest hit by the disaster.

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