Emory Report
June 20, 2005
Volume 58, Number 33


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June 20, 2005
Celebration concludes 2004-05 Employee Council year

BY Eric Rangus

Employee Council’s year-end meeting often is a laid-back affair, and the gathering Wednesday, June 15, in the Woodruff Library’s Jones Room was no different.

Former president Susie Lackey handed off leadership of the body to new President Louis Burton and also distributed a slew of honoraria to departing members, 2004–05 officers, special contributors and the like.

All was not fun and games, however. President Jim Wagner was the guest speaker, and after he delivered a few comments and congratulated the council on a hard-working year, he answered about 15 minutes of questions.

Wagner, who chatted casually with council reps before the meeting and hung around for a good while after speaking, praised the council for its contributions to strategic planning and picked out several accomplishments from the council’s 15-point Year In Review to highlight. He focused on those related to communication—sponsoring two town halls, facilitating Fair Labor Standards Act communications and communicating the benefits preference survey.

Having encouraged the council to sponsor those two town halls, Wagner was prepared to answer all questions. They included a benefits update, potential plans for low-cost housing for faculty and staff close to the Emory campus, parking woes, and ideas to ease traffic.

Committee chairs delivered their year-end reports, and joining historian Woody Woodworth for his report was historian emeritus Cheryl Sroka, who was in attendance (along with four past council presidents and other prominent council members from previous years) to celebrate the council’s 35th anniversary. She also gave Woodworth a binder stuffed with meeting minutes and other memorabilia collected from each of those 35 years.

“The true test of Susie’s leadership is what the council does next year and future years,” said Bob Ethridge, vicepresident for Equal Opportunity Programs, wrapping up the meeting and also Lackey’s presidency. “There is wonderful talent in here. If that talent continues to be tapped, there are wonderful things you can do.” He then thanked Lackey for her service, and the council responded by giving her a standing ovation. Employee Council will reconvene in September.

If you have a question or comment for Employee Council, e-mail President Louis Burton at louis_burton@emoryhealthcare.org.