Emory Report
June 6, 2005
Volume 57, Number 32


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June 6, 2005
Emory history gets new online home

BY Katherine Baust

A comprehensive Emory history web site, http://emoryhistory.emory.edu/, went live simultaneously with the new Emory web redesign last month.

“We hope that persons unfamiliar with Emory’s legacy will find the history site a useful introduction,” said Gary Hauk, vice president and deputy to the president. “The importance of the site lies in its power to convey both to our internal community and to folks beyond Emory the incredibly rich, complex and sometimes puzzling story of this place and its people. One of the surest ways to know who we are is to remember what we have been. That also happens to be one of the ways to become better.”

In the works since December, the project is one part of Hauk’s initiatives in developing community through history and traditions. Though it came out of his office, the site’s creation was a collaborative effort that included University Archivist Ginger Cain, Executive Web Producer John Mills, Jari Grimm from the president’s office, and Marianne Schneider of the academic technologies group.

The site is organized into sections: A Brief History, Timeline, People and Leaders, Places and Schools, Controversies and Enigmas, Traditions and Rituals (where one can find information about Dooley (right), the “Spirit of Emory,” for example) and a photo gallery. Though the site already features a wealth of information, more will be added in the months to come, including interactive components and a daily “Emory Almanac.”