Emory Report
May 31, 2005
Volume 57, Number 31


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May 31, 2005
Retiring Employees

The following individuals are retiriing members of the faculty, administration and staff. dates indicate year of initial employment.

Faculty and Administrators
Joseph Ansley, Medicine (1959)
Turner Ball Jr., Medicine (1961)
Donna Brogan, Public Health (1971)
Rose Cannon, Nursing (1975)
Joe Craver, Medicine (1974)
Philip Dembure, Medicine (1974)
Robert Donahoe, Psychiatry (1980)
Peter Fong, Physics (1966)
David Ford, Mathematics and Computer Science (1965)
James Fowler III, Ethics Center, Graduate School (1977)
William Fox Jr., Senior Vice President, External Affairs (1971)
Suzanne Gebhart, Medicine (1984)
John Griffin Jr., Surgery (1965)
Woody Hunter, Provost and Executive Vice President for
Academic Affairs (1976)
Noel Lehner, Animal Resources (1986)
Edwin Macon, Medicine (1967)
Nancy Marshall, Art History/Visual Arts (1988)
Kermit McKenzie, History (1960)
Judith Morgan, Biology (1978)
Richard Muth, Economics (1983)
Jeffrey Pine, Medicine (1973)
Barbara Ann Ruelle, Health Sciences Library (1982)
Hugo Sanchez-Moreno, Medicine (1994)
Sandra Bishop Sexson, Psychiatry (1984)
Mark Silverman, Medicine (1966)
John Sitter, English (1980)
Robert Smith III, Medicine (1966)
Mary Ellen Templeton, University Libraries (1982)
Doris Zumpe, Psychiatry (1972)

(Twenty-five or more years of service)
Anna Marie Alexander, Community Education Services (1967)
Thelma Barnes, Medical Care Foundation (1977)
Betty Bell, Emory University Hospital (1978)
Helen Birchfield, Emory Healthcare (1979)
Ruby Bolden, Emory UniversityHospital (1974)
Annalee Boyett, Pathology (1988)
Sondra Brewer, Clinical Research (1977)
Glennis Elaine Brown, Custodial Services (1978)
Jacqueline Castellaw, Oxford College (1974)
Larry Christopher, Respiratory Care (1971)
Carolyn Denton, Emory Healthcare (1974)
Luella Dunagan, Emory Healthcare (1977)
Ann Edens, Health Sciences Development (1979)
Marcella Elmer, Emory Healthcare (1979)
Michael Ewanowski, Information Systems (1973)
William Folsom, Emory Healthcare (1969)
Glynda Gerron, Clinical Research (1956)
Patsy Getz, Medicine (1952)
Juanita Hartman, Laundry (1963)
Donna Lightsey, Medical Records (1979)
Danny McCluskey, Respiratory Care (1976)
Russell Mildner Jr., Emory University Hospital (1976)
Thelma Palmer, Finance (1979)
Lillian Ragland, Radiology (1967)
Anne Bracewell Ranne, Laboratory Administration (1978)
Betty Ann Sherman, Emory University Hospital (1977)
Eloise Sims, Environmental Services (1976)
Joy Smith, Network Communications (1974)
Vivian Smith, Environmental Services (1975)
Richard Stone, Custodial Services (1968)
Roy Weems Jr., Animal Resources (1962)