Emory Report
May 9, 2005
Volume 57, Number 30


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May 9, 2005
Capital projects snapshot for summer ‘05

Barbara Stark is manager of training and communications for Facilities Management.

Once again, summer is approaching, students are leaving, and that means Facilities Management (FM) is taking advantage of the opportunity to move forward with certain capital projects. Listed below are some of the larger projects that will occur over the next few months:

Sorority village
After Commencement, the sorority complex project will begin with the removal of contractor trailers behind the Alpha Phi Alpha house. Earthwork will then commence to remove the two small parking lots used by FM personnel. Street parking on Fraternity Row from Peavine Creek Road to the water tower will be removed permanently; the current plan is to convert all remaining street parking into Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible parking for campus. The new buildings are scheduled for completion by fall 2006.

Lullwater House addition
The president’s house, designed by Walter Candler as a hunting lodge, doesn’t comfortably accommodate the large number of guests typically involved in University functions, such as fundraising, social events, class/departmental gatherings, etc. The proposed addition will be large enough to support such events, and will include a renovation of the existing kitchen, creating a space for caterers. Construction traffic through the grounds may be heavy at times, and although joggers and walkers are still welcome, all visitors are urged to use caution. On the exterior back of the house, FM will renovate space for the president’s family’s personal use, in which they may enjoy some amount of privacy, since Lullwater is open to all. The interior part of the project is scheduled to be complete by November 2005; if weather is favorable, the exterior should be complete by spring 2006.

School of Medicine Education Building
Site/utility work will begin this summer. Demolition of the Anatomy/Physiology Connector is scheduled to begin late this fall; pedestrian traffic may be diverted during that time.

Goizuetta Business School expansion
The addition is on schedule for June occupancy.

Woodruff P.E. Center (internal improvements)
Locker rooms are being modified, six offices are being added on the poolside balcony of the third floor, and additional classrooms, aerobics areas and spaces for weight training are being created on the fourth floor. The arena floor is receiving a much-needed replacement beginning July 4, and installation should be complete by Sept. 6.

Woodruff P.E. Center (external improvements)
The roof, shot-put area, exterior gate and new fencing have been installed. Still to come are completion of the loading dock (to be accessible in time for Commencement); widening and repaving of the sidewalk along McDonough Field to comply with Emory design standards; and changing the orientation of the northeast stairs to provide better pedestrian flow. On the south side, a chilled-water line will be installed to connect the Quadrangle chiller plant to the P.E. Center. The sidewalk will be cut to accommodate this construction, then resurfaced to ensure proper drainage. The curb and railing will be removed and reconstructed to improve saftey.

Woodruff Library terrace & cafe
With exterior modifications to Woodruff Library now complete, the plaza terraces can be furnished and enhanced for community use. Selection and ordering of furnishings is under way. A Jazzman’s Café will be constructed on the west side of the library and will be open for business this fall.

Clairmont Campus
Remediation continues, and scaffolding has been erected on buildings F, G and H. Construction will start May 23 and should be complete Aug. 7.

Turman South
The re-roofing of Turman South begins May 23 and should be completed within seven to eight weeks.

Gatewood Road improvements
Gatewood Road currently has a very sharp, 90-degree turn, which is difficult for large vehicles to maneuver. These improvements will soften the angle of the turn to provide a safer driving environment.

Oxford Road crosswalk
Heavy construction traffic through the back gate has damaged the brick crosswalk, which will be replaced in June or July.