Emory Report
November 14, 2005
Volume 58, Number 11


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November 14 , 2005

PCORE hears revised version of discriminatory harassment policy

BY Katherine Baust Lukens

To open the President’s Commission on Race and Ethnicity’s (PCORE) Nov. 7 meeting, held in 400 Administration, Chair Donna Wong introduced Amy Adelman, from the Office of the General Counsel, and Gloria Weaver, associate director of Equal Opportunity Programs, who presented Emory’s recently revised discriminatory harassment policy to PCORE members.

The two described changes made to the policy; one significant change is that there are no longer two different policies for employees and students. “I am excited that there are now examples of harassment listed in the policy, along with a three-part resolution process,” Weaver said. “The resolution process does not have to be followed as it is listed, but there are options given to help people address a situation.”

Adelman stressed the policy keeps claims as confidential as possible but, during the investigation process, it would probably become apparent who made the claim. She also said there remain issues specific to faculty in the policy; faculty may request a panel review from the Office of the Provost, for instance.

Adelman said she, Weaver and Del King, senior director of human resources, are taking the policy on a “road show” and speaking to campus groups to educate them and the rest of the Emory community on the new policy.

Wong reminded the group that the professional development fund is now accepting applications. Applications and criteria for award selection are available on PCORE’s website (www.pcore.emory.edu), and the application deadline is Nov. 21; for additional information, contact Vanda Hudson at vhudso2@sph.emory.edu.

Faculty concerns chair Hillary Ford said she held the first of a series of luncheons with Latino faculty to hear their experiences, and soon will meet with African American faculty.

Wong informed the group that the data from the CLASS student survey presented at the last meeting was available for PCORE to review and analyze.

The next PCORE meeting will be held Dec. 5 at 3 p.m. in 400 Administration. The guest speaker will be Pat Marsteller, director of the Emory College Center for Science Education, who will talk about diversity in the sciences.

If you have a question or concern for PCORE, e-mail Chair Donna Wong at dmwong@emory.edu.