Emory Report
November 28, 2005
Volume 58, Number 12


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November 28, 2005
Partnership is key to moving council forward

BY Eric rangus

Partnership was the theme of the latest Employee Council meeting, held Wednesday, Nov. 16, in
Gambrell Hall’s Agnor Room.

Strategic plan co-chair Woody Woodworth reviewed a meeting he and council President Louis Burton had with Mike Mandl, executive vice president for finance and administration. Woodworth said Mandl was intrigued by the council’s creation of four working groups (leadership; community and work/life balance; internal advancement and training; and benefits), which came out of its own strategic planning process.

Woodworth said Mandl appreciated the council’s offer to make these working groups available for consultation, and Mandl offered the council some advice in moving forward.

“He emphasized that success will depend on working with University leadership and seeking out individuals across campus with whom to work in partnership,” Woodworth said.

The council hosted three guests. In response to several questions, University Senate President Michael Rogers discussed benefits changes (such as the addition of a paid holiday in December); how the endowment is doing (Emory is diversifying its portfolio; it has a lot of Coca-Cola stock, but that stock comes with restrictions); and how much the Senate contributed to the newly revised Campus Master Plan (the Senate offered some feedback but didn’t form a committee specifically to address it).

Other guests included Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Rich Mendola, who gave a PowerPoint presentation outlining new campus wide efforts in information technology. Quinton Ellsworth, director of internal audit, introduced the council to the Emory Trust Line, a confidential hotline employees may use anonymously to report suspected financial misconduct. Ellsworth clarified that the trust line is specifically on financial matters. For issues such as discrimination, he said, staff should contact Human Resources or the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs.

Membership chair Laurie Asherman asked council members to begin considering officer nominations for the 2006–07 academic year. Special issues chair Ron Gatlin announced that council member Kathleen Brennan had joined the Senate’s parking and transportation committee. Communications chair Katherine Hinson said the council website is being revamped with a launch goal of early December.

Burton said a new council pamphlet has been reviewed by the executive committee and soon will be released to the full council for comment. The most significant change is the removal of council members’ names. This was done so that the pamphlet would not have to be updated as frequently, since membership changes each year. Council members’ names instead will be listed on the website.

The next Employee Council meeting will be held Wednesday, Dec. 21, at noon in the Jones Room of Woodruff Library. Guests will include President Jim Wagner and new Vice President for Human Resources Peter Barnes, who will be making his first appearance before the council.

If you have a question or comment for Employee Council, send e-mail to President Louis Burton at louis.burton@emoryhealthcare.org.