Emory Report
October 24, 2005
Volume 58, Number 8


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October 24 , 2005
HR rolls out Community Giving program

By michael terrazas

Emory’s charitable giving program has a new name and a new administrative home for 2005, as Human Resources (HR) recently announced the beginning of the Emory Community Giving campaign, running Oct. 17–Dec. 31.

The program is largely unchanged from last year; University employees still have a wide range of options for their philanthropy, and may make selections online through the HR website. Donations can be deducted directly from employees’ paychecks or made by check or credit card, or a combination of methods. Again in 2005, employees may donate through six charitable federations, each focused on a different group of issues and representing a total of 469 individual nonprofit groups.

President Jim Wagner announced the beginning of this year’s campaign in a campus-wide e-mail, Oct. 17. “In the past year, several natural disasters have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and have left millions more homeless in the United States and abroad,” Wagner wrote. “Each of these catastrophes has called upon the philanthropy of others to assist in relief efforts; unsurprisingly, the Emory community has responded with compassion and generosity.

“As you look for ways to make a difference throughout the year ahead, please consider the Emory Community Giving program,” he continued. “Your donations to this program do not come to Emory but pass directly to our community—touching many lives and helping to solve many pressing problems.”

Jocelyn Brewer, executive administrative assistant in HR, is coordinating the program. “We’re already getting inquiries, so people are interested in participating,” Brewer said.

To learn more about the Emory Community Giving program, visit http://communitygiving.emory.edu. To make a contribution, employees will need a valid Emory network ID and password; the online form is able to process only those who wish to contribute through a single payment method. To use a combination of payment methods (such as payroll deduction and credit card), request hard-copy forms or for any other information, contact Brewer at 404-727-0419 or at jbrewe2@emory.edu.